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I wish to register a complaint. There is precisely one canon gay couple in Skyrim, and they're both dead when you find them. No, that's not problematic at all.

I'm generally fairly easy-going when it comes to fictional characters. After all, we don't know the sexuality of anyone in the game for certain. People in happy, loving, opposite-sex relationships might identify as bisexual rather than heterosexual, just like in real life. Also, there are an awful lot of characters who aren't currently in relationships, and the game doesn't have speech options for you to quiz them about their sexual orientation. The best you can do is put on an Amulet of Mara and ask people if they're interested in marrying you. The same 60 or so characters are available for marriage, regardless of the gender or race of the character you're playing. And if they have a high enough relationship level with you, they will always say yes.

So Skyrim's a lot more generous than many games in terms of what it allows the player. Opposite-sex and same-sex relationships are treated absolutely identically. But the only characters who talk about being romantically involved are people in opposite-sex relationships. There may be same-sex relationships, but they're not overt.

The only overt same-sex couple are both dead.

The tale of Hrodulf and Bjornolfr is a tragedy which you only piece together if you have enough interest to do so. Technically, I should mark this as containing spoilers. )
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In other news, while I was away, I worked out exactly what needs to be done to my NaNoWriMo novel to make it work. I'm not sure it's something I can explain quickly, so I won't bother, but it involves rather more scrapping of existing content and rewriting than I am happy with. Oh well. NaNoWriMo is an exercise in proving that you can write 50,000 words - not an exercise in writing a perfect 50,000 words that need no editing. If you're a published author on your tenth novel, you might be able to write something that needs minimal editing - I'm not, so I can't and shouldn't expect perfection.

I also had a very amusing time yesterday. People on irc were going on about personality tests (like the Kiersey Temperament Sorter/Myers-Briggs, etc), and I did the test with both Alix and Martin. (It didn't take me 20-30 minutes, more like 5 for each of them, but then I read really fast). It was quite hilarious because Alix's answers were almost all "Completely agree" or "Completely disagree" whereas Martin was more measured. Apparently my version of Martin Septim is INFJ, and Alix is ENFP. And then I laughed my arse off when I discovered that those personality types are each other's perfect romantic partners. Awww.

(I did not bother to do the test as myself because I would come out as ENFJ. I always do, unless I'm depressed enough to flip into introversion. Similarly, Richard is about as INTP as it's possible to get. Apparently our personality types are also perfect matches for romantic partners, which is quite, quite amusing.)

Also, here is a picture of Martin which [ profile] stellarwind drew for me. It is epic, featuring both his human and dragon forms. Honestly, you should look at it even if you know nothing about Oblivion or Skyrim but simply like dragons.
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Yesterday, I discovered you can jump on the bed in Skyrim! I may have put my game into third-person mode and bounced up and down for about 5 minutes watching my character flap his arms like a lunatic and pretend to fly... *shifty eyes*

I don't know if I mentioned this already, but I've just restarted Skyrim with Reincarnated Martin Septim as my Dragonborn. My character doesn't look perfectly like Oblivion Martin because Skyrim's graphics don't suck (ha!), but nor does he look perfectly like Fangirl Martin because you're limited in terms of hairstyles and textures when you're on Xbox 360. He looks enough like Martin to be recognisable though, being an Imperial with light brown skin, floppy brown hair, and blue eyes; and I'm training him to use the same abilities that I'd expect Martin to have in Skyrim. It's pretty funny though, deliberately roleplaying a character and making the choices he'd make.

For example: Martin quite literally spends half of the game Oblivion reading (he's trying to translate the Evil Book of Evilness written by the Main Bad Guy). As the game progresses, he acquires books from the library and sits at his table with more and more books in front of him. This is easy enough to roleplay: Martin cannot leave a book unattended and unloved. If there is a book in a dungeon area (or even a friend's house!), and it says "Take" rather than "Steal" when you pick it up, Martin will take it home and add it to his collection. He's now filled all four of the shelves in Breezehome, which is the first (cheapest) house you get in the game, with no duplicates. He's storing the duplicates in a chest ready for his next house :D

Also, last night the game was seriously trolling me. I know that my character is supposed to be the Dragonborn, but honestly, this is ridiculous - three dragons in under an hour's play time! Only one of them was a fixed location dragon, too, the other two were random spawns.

And I was playing while on irc, and several of my friends were talking about the plotline of Oblivion. One of them said "and since Martin was dead" - and literally AT THAT SAME MOMENT reincarnated Martin got killed in my game. To a Draugr Death Overlord, of all things. Martin was most unimpressed to be killed in that way.


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