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Saturday, April 22, 2017, 10:00 p.m. — Monday, April 24, 2017, 5:00 p.m.

Due to system maintenance during the dates and times listed, there will be a partial shutdown of AirTrain JFK service. There will be no service to/from all airport terminals and no service at the Howard Beach and Lefferts Blvd stations. AirTrain JFK service will continue to operate a normal schedule to/from Jamaica Station and Federal Circle. Free shuttle buses replace service and will be available at the affected AirTrain stations and airport terminals. Please allow extra time when traveling to and from John F. Kennedy International Airport and see a Customer Care Representative for assistance if needed.

Argh! I just LOVE the idea of having to travel around the airport in a shuttle bus instead of a nice, accessible train! *facepalm*
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Back home now. Haven't exactly been keeping up either with livejournal or the real-world news. (American news is full of people I've never heard of and very little about the world outside the US).

Tuesday night dinner was at Blockheads, a typical American Tex-Mex, but one that knew what vegans are. I get Mexican food when I'm in Seattle at the lovely Taco Del Mar, but they do vegan by simply leaving out the dairy. Blockheads do vegan by substituting tofu sour cream and vegan soy cheese. Food was rich, but tasty: OM NOM NOM NOM NOM! I also appreciated their minimalist approach to onions - none visible in the black beans or rice, only a couple of small soft pieces in the salsa, which was otherwise full of plump tomato flesh. Why does salsa at so many places mean tomato skin and onion? I don't understand how anyone would want to eat that.

Literature report got emailed about 2.30am on Tuesday, which was Late according to my deadline, but there really wasn't anything I could do about it. Got back from dinner ready to finish it off, but there's an annoying bug in Mac OpenOffice whereby if you try copy & pasting from a PDF that doesn't let you copy & paste for copyright reasons, you get a massive object in the middle of the document that then crashes OpenOffice. Due to excessive panic, my brain fell out of my head when this happened at 11.50pm, and I hit "save"... meaning that I corrupted the file. Normally I have compulsive backups of everything but for some reason (as I got more panicked about getting it done) I forgot to keep resaving with new names, and my more recent backup was apparently 6 hours old... argh! We had to download the newest version of Windows OpenOffice over the hotel network (which took over an hour!), install it on Richard's PC, put the corrupted file on a USB stick and open it on the PC to clean it up so I could finish formatting the references. Ewww. Haven't completely finished the lit report - I sent what I had so that something got submitted. Will finish it off over the next few days.

We went to bed about 3am on Tuesday and got up again about 11 in time to pack our bags and check out of the hotel. We went for lunch at Fresh & Co which had vegan soup, pasta and falafel sandwiches, as well as the New York-style baked cheesecake that my Mum had spent three days moaning about the lack of. Spent the afternoon shopping, which was what I'd planned to do this trip anyway. Just... I'd planned to do MORE of it than I got to do. Bought everything I wanted from the Hot Topic in Queens Center, not that there was very much there :/ (I'm sure it used to be in a bigger shop within the mall). Haven't bought anything for the few people that I am buying Christmas presents for, yet. Principally because I have no money, and I can't borrow money from Richard for his own Christmas present! I need to claim back my money from Student Finance England, and hope that my two old students who bugged me with phone calls while I was away want to have lots of lessons. But not so many that they get in the way of finishing my literature report. Ugh.

Trip back was uneventful. Watched Harry Potter 6, which is awesome, the first two episodes of Glee, and the pilot of My Name is Earl - all good inflight, brain-isn't-working entertainment. Richard and I failed to get any sleep at all, my mum managed about an hour. Got back about 12 noon today and promptly crashed out the whole day. Woke up about 1.30am and now wondering how on earth to get myself back onto UK time. Also desperate for a holiday. We'll be going to Boston at the end of the month, but not for very long, and I'm wondering if I can rearrange my flight home so I can get a bit more time in the US. Anyone want a visiting h-l? Of course, I don't actually have any money right now, so this may be completely impossible.

Things I need to write about: travelling whilst disabled, and the approaches of various airlines and airports to "special" meals. Might leave that until after my trip to Boston, depending on spoons and how much else I need to say.
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Dear gods, I am going insane. Whose stupid idea was it to bring myself to New York even though I haven't finished my coursework, on the basis that I can do my work anywhere? ARGH!

Moaning about my dear family, feel free to skip. )

I am so glad that we didn't try to go anywhere exciting for dinner last night and just went to Better Burger. Because anything done twice is tradition, and I'm now on my fifth trip to New York and... seventh? eighth? tenth? trip to Better Burger. Last night I had a soy burger, smashed potatoes, fruit smoothie and vegan brownie. Fast food that is actually food. Om nom nom.

Okay, I think I've got all the moaning out of my system. Better try to get on with some work.
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3 people and 6 bags have arrived safely in New York. This was the same number that set out.

Going to find food now.
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This time tomorrow I will be in an aeroplane on the way to New York. I am not even slightly organised to be flying anywhere, let alone to another continent. I am stressed, tired and depressed.

Holidays are supposed to be fun, aren't they?


Oct. 27th, 2010 12:18 am
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My mother, who "never wins anything", has just won a pair of tickets to see Rammstein.

In New York.

And the tickets have our names on (mine & hers), so they are unsellable. Looks like we're going to New York, then :O

I don't know quite with what money, but she had already bought a pair of tickets for this particular show - and the mark up on them (first Rammstein show in the US in ten years, or something) is high enough that I'm hoping the proceeds will at least pay for her airfare.
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I LOVE NEW YORK!! In the 10 or so hours since arriving, I have eaten: one delicious soy burger, "smashed" potatoes, a fizzy grape drink made with real grape juice and sugar, a fresh vegan chocolate chip cookie, lemonade made with actual lemons, falafel with hummous and unlimited salad, and a chocolate cupcake top. The falafel was particularly exciting because it was from a branch of Maoz that I did not previously know existed, hence meaning that I have now been to a Maoz in five different major cities (Amsterdam, London, Paris, Madrid and New York). This is probably only exciting if you're me. Then we went to Babycakes and bought 2 x spelt chocolate cupcakes, 2 x spelt lemon cupcakes and 2 x gluten-free brownies with vanilla frosting and chocolate chips. Mmmm. They are all safely in the fridge, although I am thinking of going to make friends with one of them now.

In negotiating the puzzling New York subway system we accidentally went to Brooklyn ("Are we supposed to be crossing the river?" said Richard), but eventually made it to the Whole Foods at Union Square (not the closest one to where we're staying but the one I know the location of). There I went beserk with delight but still only acquired a small fraction of the vegan cakes, cookies and sweets they sell. I stocked up on the amazing Sweet & Sara vegan marshmallows that you can get here (they claim to have a best before date, but actually I've kept them in the fridge for over a year - rationing myself one at a time in cases of dire emergency!), including Smores made with vegan marshmallow - for Brits, think Wagon Wheels only with a thick digestive biscuit base and proper thick dark chocolate. You can probably heat it for the authentic campfire feel), some more brownies with peanut butter this time, Very Vanilla Silk soy milk and the Mori-Nu Tofu Mates stuff that makes unbelievable vanilla cream when whipped with tofu. I also discovered that a hand cream that I pay UK £12.99 for at home is US $8.99 here!!! I have nowhere near finished shopping, but we can't carry half of Whole Foods from New York to Boston and then back home. It's not practical. Though... I wonder about shipping non-perishables by post? Hmmm.

We have also done the obligatory tourist gawping. Richard has some awesome skyscraper shots that will go online sometime (he has a "proper" camera with tons of lens and actually knows how to use it). Despite having seen the Rockefeller Center's vile golden gilt statue in my photos, he still almost died seeing it for real. We went to the Nintendo World store (as disappointing as ever) and found a Sanrio store of great dangerousness. I managed not to buy anything there but it was difficult because I kept seeing "ideal presents" for various friends! Also it is on our way from the hostel to the subway, so I think some purchases may sneak their way in.

Now Richard is passed out on the bed next to me, sleeping with his mouth open. I'm stupidly tired, of course, due to less than an hour's sleep last night, only fitful sleep on the plane and tons and tons of walking today, but I'm not quite able to sleep yet. Going to drink some vanilla milk and take the rest of my tablets. Good night :)
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We are safely in New York! But no time to talk now, I haven't eaten in hours (due to the fact the "snack" consisted entirely of dairy foods). Now food and shopping :)
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Just to let any denizens of New York or Boston know, Richard & I are going to be in your fair cities next week. Yes, I know I should have mentioned this earlier. Really haven't had enough spoons to plan anything lately. I think I might still be somewhat in denial about it all. The Freezepop 10th Anniversary? Yay! Kasson leaving Freezepop? *sob*

We'll be in New York from lunchtime Wed 22nd July until early afternoon Fri 24th, then in Boston until the last flight on Mon 27th. The whole of Saturday 25th is reserved for the Freezepop 10th Anniversary show, and much of Sunday 26th will be spent hanging around with [ profile] hoopycat and [ profile] veryfineredwine. (We're all sharing a hotel room together for the trip.)

If you happen to have any spare time to see us, I'd love to see you. (Richard will enjoy spending time with you but will probably forget who you are almost immediately. No offence should be taken by this, it's just what he does. I regularly have to remind him of people, in a format similar to "You know. So-and-so! Who we met at such-a-place on such-a-time for that-event!". You should be highly complimented any time that he spontaneously remembers your existence and asks about you later!)
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So Richard got us takeaway from Pizza Express tonight and there were NINE dough balls in the box. Count 'em - NINE. And they were huge. All of them were bigger than dino's head, and three of them were bigger than Paploo's paws. And the dough was really fresh and fluffy. See what you're missing? Meanwhile, there you are, stuck in New York, where I'm sure they don't know anything about pizza...

Not that I'm jealous or anything.
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The EeePC is still broken. Read more... )

So this is just a placeholding entry as written on the expensive hotel internet to remind me when I write this up later (or in case I never do):

  • Hooting keeps my mother awake
  • The Quest for Glucosamine
  • Candle Cafe - omg, the portions!
  • Central Park & NYPD
  • Guggenheim Museum - WOLFIES!
  • Meeting [ profile] rosefox & [ profile] sinboy
  • Babycakes - vegan bakery!
  • Yummy Italian food
  • Christopher Street & Stonewall memorial
  • Times Square - Rock Band adverts! Hard Rock Cafe!
  • Bed about 2 hours later than it should have been.

That may, in fact, be enough information for you to know what we did :)
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My mother & I have made it safely to New York. The laptop, however, did not. We are currently not sure what the problem with it is, except that it doesn't work. You can switch it on, and it displays the initial screen, but won't boot or accept input from any buttons. This would be A Disaster and truly distressing, except that it's Richard's 200 UKP EeePC rather than my real laptop. So it's annoying and mildly upsetting, and causing me to have to pay silly amounts of money for internet access in the hotel lobby instead of $10 for 24 hours.

Current beliefs of Richard + the EeePC forum are that the problem is either:
a) The X-ray machine and/or a metal detector at the airport wiped the flash, so it won't boot because it contains no operating system or programs. (EeePCs are ridiculously cheap at least in part because they contain absolutely no drives - they don't even have a hard drive.) This is unlikely, because X-rays aren't supposed to affect flash memory, and if it did, our cameras and my phone/PDA would have been upset too.

b) When my bag fell on the floor during the train journey to Gatwick, the shock of the fall dislodged some internal connection to the flash or the RAM, so it won't boot because it can't see that. This seems rather more likely, and if I was the sort of geek to carry a micro cross-head screwdriver everywhere I went, it'd be easy to open up the case to find out. Except I'm not that kind of geek, and especially not when flying and having to conform with annoying "security" regulations.

With this being New York and The City That Never Sleeps, my lack of screwdriver could be easily remedied by a trip to the 24 hour hardware store that exists not terribly far from here according to the Yellow Pages. Except my body thinks it's 4 in the morning, and I only had 3 hours sleep last night and 4 hours the night before. Much as going to a 24 hour hardware store in the middle of the night sounds like A Thing That Really Should Be Experienced at least once in a lifetime, I'm not sure that now is the time to do so. I think that a hot shower and bed would be a much better idea.
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This is a very abbreviated list of eateries limited by:
a) proximity to where we're staying
b) proximity to somewhere we'll be going during the day
c) menu.
My mum doesn't like meat, so vegan restaurants with 101 seitan steaks and no dishes for people who like eating vegetables don't really appeal. Also, she can't eat mushrooms and doesn't much care for peppers or courgettes (zucchini), which is what many of the vegetable dishes seem to consist of (because they're New World vegetables?). And, much as I like good healthy veggie dishes, I have a strong fondness for "I can't believe it's vegan!"-style 'junk' food.

Restaurants & Cafes I really want to go to:Read more... )

I hope to hear from [ profile] redbird & [ profile] rosefox (and anyone else who lives in NY that I missed) about meeting up.
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I am so very tired again/still, and slightly stressed.

List of stuff I need to get done before Monday night. )
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Travel Itinerary For: MISS HELENLOUISE $mylastname )

My mum & I will be in New York from about 6pm on Tuesday 29th January and available for socialising Wednesday or Thursday lunchtimes or evenings. I would very much like to introduce my mum to [ profile] redbird, and anyone else who's available. My mum is much harder to feed than I am, but I'm sure we can find somewhere suitable. (Italian is fine as long as they can do vegan things that aren't salads - I don't eat salad in January! Also, if it's a lunchtime meal, I know there are several soup & sandwich places in the midtown area that specifically use the word vegan or vegetarian + dairy-free in labelling as I've seen them before - can't remember details of locations, though.)

Once again, I want Americans' phone numbers! Mobile/cellphone if possible, or whichever number is best to get hold of you at 3pm NY time on a Tuesday. I doubt I shall have trouble getting through Immigration when clearly travelling with my mum, but you never know - that side-trip to Las Vegas might mean that I'm running away to marry someone I met on the internet! I shall screen all comments to this post and unscreen any that don't contain a phone number.

Yay! It's really happening! Yay!!
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My flight was hideously delayed owing to it having to wait for 3 people from Dallas whose incoming flight was hideously delayed :( I also achieved less than 2 seconds of sleep on the plane (fell asleep twice and immediately jerked awake) :( Got home and slept for 4 hours. Now I'm waiting for Richard to get in with dinner.

Too tired to write a proper report or catch up with lj, and I have MUCH work over the next 2 days, as I have to catch up with all the missed lessons this week. So here is a very quick update. Elaboration to follow tomorrow or Sunday.

Tuesday 3rd April - Happy Buddha, more shopping, sunshine & a touch of sunburn, the Empire State Building at midnight.

Wednesday 4th April - Nintendo World, getting lost, lots of rain, meeting [ profile] redbird, Museum of Art & Design.
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Am now in New York. Yesterday was pretty much a non-entity for anything happening. Got up, checked email and caught up with livejournal a bit, said goodbye to Cally, went to the airport with Ruth Anne, checked in, flew to NY, got the train to the hostel, found dinner and played on the DS a bit before crashing out around midnight. As further proof that I'm an idiot moron girl, I forgot to look up the addresses of some of the vegan restaurants and cafes I wanted to try while I still had free internet access, so I'm now in an internet cafe just down the road from the hostel. Even more annoyingly, it's open 24 hours and I didn't know that, so I could've come in and done this last night. Oh well.

I got the train to the hostel because I'm still pissed off about spending US $30 for a taxi from Minneapolis St Paul airport to the alt.polycon hotel ($27 fare + $3 airport tax) when it transpires there was a tram (a.k.a. "streetcar" or "light rail") that would have got me there for a mere $1.50. I'm not broke (although paying off my credit card balance might kill me :P ), but I resent spending an extra $28.50 that I didn't need to - that would buy me an entire day's worth of meals even if I ate expensively, or two days if I grabbed stuff from cafes. So seeing that the taxi was quoted at $20, I decided to try the train. The AirTrain to Jamaica station was $5, and from there I got the LIRR to Main St Flushing. That, unfortunately, was $8 at the time of day, so I saved a whole $7. Mind you, that bought me dinner, so it could've been worse. Next time (if I ever come to this hostel again), I'll get the 44 or 20 buses instead - they go much closer to the actual hostel than walking from the station.

Right - enough faffing, I've wasted half the day in bed already. Time to go find that Hot Topic and Nintendo World store :D Later, I will call [ profile] redbird and see if we can meet up for lunch tomorrow.


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