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Today I have been ADULTING like a PRO. I called the Student Loans Company about the threatening letter which they sent me. To be fair, I have an income-contingent student loan, and they received information from the Inland Revenue to say that I was no longer employed, so they wanted to know where I got my income from, on the basis that I might be secretly earning a small fortune and secreting it away somewhere.

I still have to fill in the damned form, but at least they know that I called them and I'm not trying to avoid paying back the loan.

I also called EDF Energy to get moved onto a fixed-rate tariff that will cost £76 per month instead of the variable-rate tariff which costs £100 per month which we have been on because I didn't have the spoons to deal with it before. Now I am drenched in sweat and I don't think it's only because of the weather.

Why is adulting so exhausting? I mean, neurotypical non-depressed people manage it all the time.

Alexa thinks it's because of tuits/spoons. Adulting uses lots, and they have more of them. I think that explains how they're able to do it more easily, but it doesn't explain why it should take so many bleedin' spoons to do pretty straightforward tasks. I mean, it shouldn't be that difficult to either call or go through the website to change your energy tariff, when you're already being a lazy git and staying with the same energy company because you don't have the energy to start looking around for better deals. But apparently it is? (Actually, I did forget you could do it through the website. That would have made it a lot easier.)

I also still have to deal with Student Finance England and my university, but this also requires dealing with my doctor. I need proof that I've been too sick to be studying for the past year as well as proof that I am now recovered enough to go back. It's a bit too much considering I've been revoltingly ill with bronchitis for the past couple of weeks. I have recovered enough to only need double my usual asthma meds, rather than 6-8 times my usual dose plus oral steroids. But I've only been out of the house 5 times since 14th June, and two of those were doctor's appointments.

Blargh blargh blargh. So much ill. So little energy.
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GRRRRRRRRR. Someone on a Sims 3 forum has just told me that you can only have one steady relationship at a time in real life.

A person requested a mod for: "Polyamory including multiple boyfriend/girlfriend --> spouses."

The modder explained that he wouldn't write such a mod because in order to do so, you have to corrupt the relationship data, since in Sims 3 EAxis have decided that you can only set the "Steady" flag between pairs of sims.

I wrote: "Bah! Bloody EAxis. Why did they have to change the perfectly good Sims 2 code, where you could have multiple Boyfriends/Girlfriends but only one Husband/Wife? That's the same as it is in real life. Whereas the current thing where you can only have one Boyfriend/Girlfriend at a time is just unrealistic! *GRUMBLE*"

The person who has upset me wrote: "Um, in real life you can have only one steady, if you are that type of person."

I wrote: "Thank you for telling me that my relationships do not exist >:(. I have a boyfriend called Richard who I've been with for 13 years, and a girlfriend called Alexa who I've been with for 9 years. As far as I'm aware, relationships that have been going on for 9 years plus are pretty damn steady.

You can only have one legal husband or wife. You can have as many steady partners as you want, as long as everyone consents. You can even call more than one a "husband" or "wife" and have a commitment ceremony to prove that, as long as you are only legally married to one at a time.

Seeing as someone even used the word polyamory in their request for a mod, it shouldn't be surprising to learn that some people in the Sims community do that in real life too.

Actually upset now :(."

How dare he say that a person can only have one steady relationship at a time! Edit: Update
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I have had a visiting [ profile] otterylexa for the past week. This would have been much more pleasant if I wasn't so ragingly ill :( My chronic fatigue has reached the sort of proportions where I am only conscious for a few hours each day, which means I haven't even had enough energy to get online and tell you about it.

Today I actually remembered to take 2 vitamin pills, and as a result I can't sleep. Perhaps "proof" that my current exhaustion is due to some deficiency? I almost went to the doctor yesterday, but figured it was a bad idea to see possibly a complete stranger on 1.5 hours sleep - since a lot of my symptoms sound like rampant hypochondria. They also sound like manifestations of depression, but I don't need my antidepressants fiddled with - I'm depressed because I'm so tired and can't do anything, not tired because I'm depressed. I'm pretty certain of this, since I've been exhausted since the summer and am only starting to feel depressed now, seven months into it.

I want to get blood tests for vitamin D deficiency and anaemia (the iron deficiency type), and thyroid function, and possibly for coeliac, just to rule it out. I'm hoping the NHS won't be evil and force me to have one test at a time to save money.

Sorry this is so boring. I have lots of interesting stuff to write about, but not enough brain to do it with.
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Richard is going to Malaga tomorrow. Leaving at the crack of dawn (his flight is 6.50 am!) and not getting back until late on Monday (he gets back to Heathrow at 10.40 pm). He has designed the new circuit board and software for the Angel, a very well-known type of paintball "marker", so is going to be making himself visible at one of the major tournaments. The fact it should be relatively warm in Spain compared to here is obviously quite a major factor in this trip.

Lexa, who often stays with me while Richard is away, is going to France tomorrow for 10 days. Again, to get some much-needed warmth and sunshine.

I'm not sure what Ludy's plans for this weekend are, but her cat Sylvia is not too well at the moment, so seeing her would likely mean travelling to the Greater Brighton area. Which is a thing I haven't done properly in ages and would like to do, except I have college on Friday and Monday, and work-for-money on Saturday. And Student Finance England are still being useless (although it transpired today that the uselessness is now not solely their fault), so I don't have my MacBook yet, so I can't do work from anywhere other than college. Meaning I'm pretty much stuck in London.


Do any of my London friends want to meet me for dinner on Friday or Monday? I need to make sure I get fed, because I'm rubbish at cooking when it's just me in the house. I'll probably be free about 8.30pm...

Also, we discovered last Friday that Italian Graffiti, our favourite Italian restaurant because a) the food is good, b) the service is fast and c) it's opposite Richard's work is closing forever on 1st May. This is really sad news! We don't know if the new owner is going to keep it as an Italian or if it's going to become some other type of restaurant.

so tired!

Mar. 23rd, 2010 08:44 pm
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I am stupidly freaking TIRED today. Have not been getting enough sleep at night for the time I've had to be awake during the day, and my sleep disorder means that getting up earlier does not cause falling asleep earlier. Bah.

Also, have been reminded again why I don't usually wear pastel colours (black and brights for the win). Am wearing a lilac longsleeved t-shirt that was clean on today, and after only 3.5 hours, I spilled food down it. The kind that stains even if you sponge it straight away.


Have had a reasonable weekend with a visiting [ profile] otterylexa, though :) Despite pain and low spoons and having to take vast quantities of medication just to stay vertical. Need to see Lexas more often.
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We have hot water! Yay!!

Apparently what was wrong with the boiler was exactly what we'd thought - the device that determines that both gas and water are present was all blocked up with dirt, so it kept on thinking that one or both of those were missing, and activating the safety cutout. It was quick and easy to get fixed. However, our boiler is still 12 years old, and a cheap, nasty model from a cheap, nasty brand. So we still need to get it changed as soon as possible, because it's going to die completely, soon. Been given a quote for replacing it with a lovely, shiny, good-quality energy efficient new boiler, which seems reasonable - except they'll need physical access to all of our radiators. The house is a fecking tip right now, so this is going to require that spoons are spent in tidying up. Eurgh.

One of the things I didn't mention in my last post was that not only was it taking me 40 minutes to get enough hot water for a bath, but I was having to carry the water upstairs in buckets. Couldn't get hot water out of the upstairs taps at all, and I had to be downstairs so that I could keep hitting & resetting the boiler. Ewww. Now [ profile] otterylexa & I have both had showers and feel a lot happier about the situation.

I am very grateful to Alexa for having been here helping to keep me sane, because I don't think I'd have managed to get things sorted without the support.


Jul. 4th, 2008 01:34 am
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The garden is progressing. The skip reappeared on Saturday morning, not quite so hideously early (9.30 am). We had already assured a parking space for it via the car of a random friend of one of the next-door neighbours (!). [ profile] otterylexa came round with big shears and spent a couple of hours attacking the monstrous triffid (which is possibly a buddleia davidii, according to the pictures on Wikipedia). My mum & I chopped the chopped-off triffid into smaller pieces to put in the skip while Richard and Lexa went to obtain a wheelbarrow and skip ramp from HSS, but the skip ramp turned out to be far too large to fit into a normal car.

On Sunday, the skip ramp arrived but the wheelbarrow didn't. Much growling ensued, followed by more chopping up of triffid. Eventually the wheelbarrow turned up at 5 pm. Stupid HSS. I've left a small piece of triffid for the snails to live on, because I didn't want to completely destroy their habitat, but it no longer fills the garden. This means that we have been able to see the vast quantity of rubble all over the ground. My mum & I have been loading this into the wheelbarrow and taking it to the skip. I spent a fun hour yesterday inside the skip, rearranging stuff so the small bits of rubble dropped down into the holes between larger bits rather than taking up more room on top. I think my dad thought I was nuts. Mind you, he also thought I was nuts for carefully removing all living invertebrates from every piece of debris before putting it in the skip, so nothing new.

As of tonight all of the loose rubble has gone and the wuzzie & I have a relatively flat garden that consists of approximately-level concrete. But what is the concrete poured onto? You guessed it. Yet more rubble. Our garden seems to be like Ankh-Morpork, and has been built mostly on our garden. When we first bought the house, we had decking on top of rubble on top of a modern patio on top of an older patio on top of concrete on top of rubble. Now it's just the concrete and lower layers left. Hooray. Breaking that up will require a pneumatic drill and/or pickaxe, and is for The Professionals. The main thing is there's enough space and safe flat ground for workmen to bring in scaffolding to do the building work that needs doing.

I am somewhat alarmed to discover just how much work needs doing, though. We've known for four years that the entire back wall needs to be replastered and have a damp-proof course put in. (The idiots who "did up" this house on the cheap some years ago managed to use hygroscopic plaster, so it's absorbed water from the air and the wall is saturated to the point where it's covered in snails.) If we have any common sense, this has to be done before we get a new kitchen put in, and I'm at the point where I can't stand our (£100 bodged together from Wickes and repainted several times) kitchen any longer. However, I discovered on Monday that the opposite wall is also damp to the point where paint is coming off in flakes, and there's no reason for it to be. I'm thinking we may need to get every wall in the house tested again, which may mean me having to live somewhere else for a while because plaster dust makes me hideously ill. Argh.
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Well, I was right about our general inability to get up this morning. I set my alarm for 8.25 am but was so sleepy I fell asleep again as soon as it stopped ringing. Eventually staggered next door to discover that Alexa & Ludy were equally out of it but planning to go downstairs for breakfast before going back to sleep. I lacked sufficient coordination to manage walking or stairs so went back to bed without eating. Richard did not stir at all.

We eventually got ourselves up and packed and checked out of the hotel about 11.45 am. This left just enough time to rush to the Culture House and see their exhibition: Surtsey – Genesis. It explained how the island of Surtsey came into existence suddenly on 14th November 1963, how it has changed in shape since, and how it became colonised by plants and animals. Surtsey and books. )

After the Culture House, Ludy went back to the Icelandic Handknitting Association shop, where she bought a quantity of wool that would cost £50 at home and was around £15 here. She would like certain people (e.g. [ profile] oilrig) to be informed that she only spent 8 minutes in the shop and would have been 2 minutes faster if not for the confused Dutch people in front of her! Meanwhile I went back to Á Næstu Grösum and bought some more cauliflower and peanut soup to take away, and to Kaffi Garðurinn where I obtained the dish of the day, a Moroccan chickpea casserole with couscous. Then we ran downhill to the hotel to catch our taxi. We were planning to get a taxi to the BSI Bus Terminal then get the bus to the airport, but there turned out to be a flat rate to the airport which was only around 1500 kr more. We figured that the reduced hassle and spoon conservation more than compensated for the extra expense.

I ate my food at the airport (delicious), we obtained hot drinks in Kaffitar, stood in an endless queue to check in, went through security (MUCH less paranoid than in the UK), got our VAT refund (Iceland isn't part of the EU, so we got 10% of the purchase price back on all purchases over 4000 kr. The remaining 5% goes in administration and into the government earthquake and volcanic activity insurance.) then RAN to the departure gate, because it was gate 30, about as far from the entrance as it's possible to get, and there hadn't been audible announcements to tell us the flight was closing. Now we're sitting on the plane spodding or drowsing. As we ascended Alexa noticed Surtsey out of the window – we were lucky to see it, because it was only visible from the right-hand side.

All in all, I think this has been an excellent trip.

P.S. Back home now :(
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It's nearly 3 on Sunday morning, and it's still light outside :) Normal daylight persisted until 11pm, and since then we've been in twilight. There was a glorious pink and purple sunset as we drove through the volcanic region outside Reykjavik, but in the city itself it seems like around 8pm in the summer at home. A handful of the street lights are on, but not all, and cars are going slowly because of all the drunk people littering the streets rather than because it's dark. Don't think we have the energy to stay up absolutely all night, unfortunately, but this perpetual day is really rather awesome.

Too much fun stuff has happened in the past two days for me to be able to write anything at all comprehensive. Yesterday we went to the Blue Lagoon, a geothermally heated swimming pool filled with volcanic mud that's supposed to be really good for the skin. Seeing as whenever I fly, I always want to have a hot shower as the first thing after landing, going somewhere where I had to have a hot shower followed by a long 38 degree C bath followed by another hot shower was the most excellent plan in the world. We ate at an Indian called Shalimar where I had a curry made from courgette/zucchini and red kidney beans with mango - never had anything like that before, but it was great.

Today we wandered down Laugavegur, the main shopping street in Reykjavik. Ludy met many yarn & knitting shops. I bought some sandals from 66 degrees North, the Icelandic clothing retailer, that have PROPER TOE PROTECTION and A SOLE WITH THICK TREAD. I've been looking for such footwear forever, as while I love my Doc Martens-type boots, they do get hot in the summer. Too many sandals, even the ones designed as summer walking shoes, don't protect the toes and lack a sole with enough grip for me to feel safe. The really amazing thing is these sandals actually have BUILT-IN ORTHOTICS, so I don't need to find a way to hide mine in them. And while Iceland is notoriously expensive, these shoes cost about what less useful ones would at home.

We had coffee and lunch at Kaffi Hljomalind, a co-operative anarchist vegetarian cafe with great artwork. We walked up to Hallgrímskirkja, possibly the oddest-shaped church in the world, and were lucky enough to go up the tower before it shuts for renovation on Monday. Then we went to the Einar Jónsson Museum which is almost next door, but only made it as far as the free garden before deciding we'd had enough (his sculptures are really rather depressing). Finally we saw an odd exhibition in the National Gallery of Iceland, which I'm sure Ludy will write about in more detail. Dinner was at an Italian restaurant called Rosso Pomodoro, which did an excellent vegan pizza with roasted vegetables.

This evening we went on a bus trip they call the Golden Circle tour. It featured just the right amount of science to keep this Science Genius Girl happy. There was loads of geology in the form of volcanoes, geysers, hot springs, glaciers, volcanic craters and the aftereffects of an earthquake 3 weeks ago; the chemistry of lava (black and red); the physics of geothermal and hydroelectric power (which I already know, but it was still cool); and even some biology of native trees and the Arctic fox. We saw a huge waterfall called Gullfoss, the original Geysir (pronounced GAY-SEER) that gave its name to all the others, and we stood on the Mid-Atlantic Ridge where new rock is forming as the North American and Eurasian tectonic plates move apart. My brain is full, in a good way.

Anyway, I suppose I should drag myself to bed, although the square outside is still full of drunk people shouting "RUNTUR! RUNTUR!" and quaffing ale. Photos will follow much later - considering my existing backlog, maybe in 18 months or so :P I'm sure [ profile] otterylexa and [ profile] artremis will be writing entries soon, which will fill in some gaps, and both Alexa and Richard have taken several billion photos on decent cameras, which I'm sure they're intending to share.
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Meant to post this a few weeks ago, but life has been too ergh to allow it. Just to let you know the girlfriend formerly known by her real name is now called [ profile] otterylexa. I'm not sure I can be bothered to go back through every single livejournal entry I've ever made to change her username, but you never know... one of these millennia I need to tag all my old posts (4 years worth of 'em).
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I have been busy uploading & tagging photos from various trips - some almost a year old.

dino Trip 7 - Modern Art in Manchester, 2006-09-22. If any Mancunians could tell me what the saxophones, Moon, bat wings & bees statue is called, or who it's by, or even what street it's on, I'd be most grateful.

Me, [ profile] alexa_robinson, [ profile] rowan_leigh, [ profile] fluffymormegil (friends-only), at BiFest, 2006-09-23. (Tell me if it's ok to make this public.)

Various "new" photos of me & Richard, from 2006-12-28 to 2007-03-12. Features naked [ profile] wuzzie-chest, if you feel you need warning of that.

dino Trip 8a - Minneapolis & the Mall of America, 2007-03-29 & 30. Features an iPod vending machine, Lego stegosaurus & giant octopus, and wedding chapel - in the Mall of America.

dino Trip 8b - Lost in New York, 2007-04-03 & 04. Features the Empire State Building, giant topiary bunny, a hideous golden statue outside the Rockefeller Center, and the Nintendo World store. And this rather nice picture of ancient & modern NYC. 95%-written post about New York just needs a quick edit & post.

Check out all his majesty. 2007-06-08

Why tricycles are better than bicycles, 2007-06-09.

My birthday party, 2007-06-21. Photos edited so it looks like the plushies went to the restaurant without us :) Delicious vegan food porn from 222.

Toronto Zoo photos, all uploaded & tagged. 75%-written post about the Zoo to follow. 2007-06-29

Photos of actual humans from alt.polycon 15 and from [ profile] hoopycat & [ profile] veryfineredwine's wedding will follow. They're the ones which take the most effort, as technically I'm supposed to contact other people before putting their photos online. What I'll most likely do is upload them all friends-only & get people to say if it's ok to make them public.
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It has been a very pear-shaped weekend, with intermittent good bits. Both Alexa & Ludy ended up staying over at my place on various nights without having previously planned to.

Alexa came up on Friday to deal with the Random Artificial Emergency that occurred; and the traffic was so, so bloody awful because of the bad weather & flooding that the journey took her about 5 hours instead of an hour and a half, meaning that she spent a total of about 6 hours driving as well as several more trying to deal with the emergency. Great "fun". This used up all of her tuits (what Lexas have instead of spoons) as well as all my spoons, so we both collapsed in a heap on Friday night and didn't move much on Saturday. Tim & Peter came round to be social with us in our extremely low-energy state, and we played Killer Bunnies. Alexa was still too tired to drive home on Saturday night, so she stayed here that night too.

I had been supposed to go down to see Ludy on Friday, but the Random Artificial Emergency occurred & messed up my plans, so she came here to be social with us in our slightly less low-energy state yesterday. More Killer Bunnies occurred. Alexa felt up to driving home, and Richard got back from his paintball competition with Chinese food for us. Then we discovered too late that the last train from Clapham Junction to Worthing on a Sunday leaves at 22:23, meaning you have to leave Norbiton at the ridiculous hour of 21:36! This is a full 2 hours earlier than the last train on a weekday or Saturday, when you can leave at 23:36 & still get back. We were not very impressed, and Ludy was understandably stressed out due to being stranded in London without meds & with Sylvia (the cat) stuck in her flat - with food, but no way to get outside. Richard, very nobly, offered Ludy his bed because she was upset and he thought it would be nicer for her to sleep in the bedroom with me rather than in the spare room. (People who know [ profile] wuzzie will know what a great sacrifice it is for him to give up his bed - it's almost the most important thing in his life!).

Today trains were continuing to conspire against us. We got to Norbiton station with a plan to get the 14:36 train to Clapham Junction then for Ludy to get the 15:23 home. In the event, there was some sort of "signalling failure in the New Malden area", and no trains were happening at all. We got the bus to Wimbledon (as buses were accepting train tickets), went to Costa, and then got on what was supposed to be the delayed 15:17 to Clapham Junction. However, it was so delayed that it decided to go fast to London Waterloo and not stop anywhere else - a decision which was relayed to the passengers only after it had left Wimbledon station. Gah. Also, we didn't have tickets that would allow us to travel via London, but this was not so much an issue in the end as we got straight back on a train on the opposite platform. Ludy eventually got the 16:23 train... which I hope will actually get her home.

So yes. Tiring, and pear-shaped, but with lots of quality time with friendly people.
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Last Thursday was my birthday. The day was spectacularly quiet, but in the evening 8 of us (me, [ profile] wuzzie, [ profile] alexa_robinson, [ profile] artremis, [ profile] meeping, [ profile] gerwinium, [ profile] hatter & [ profile] bfo) went to 222. Dinner was perfect, and it was just the right number of people - so most of the time there were no more than two separate conversations on the table, and everyone could talk to everyone else. I did feel a bit sorry for Ludy, though, sitting between Richard & Marcus, as they've been co-conspirators since 1994 but haven't actually lived together these past 9 years. So they were getting louder and louder and louder, and Ludy had forgotten her earplugs. Oh well.

I got some nice presents, including a Wii plus the Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess from Richard, and Eledees from Tim & Peter, and an octopus t-shirt from Richard's sister A. Ludy bought me Montezuma's chocolate and the foulest-smelling Lush product EVER! Fortunately, it's supposed to smell that bad, and it may turn out to be a useful natural replacement for the evil green seborrhoeic dermatitis shampoo that I'm forced to use to get my hair clean.

As is typical for my birthday, it was grey and cloudy for half the day, chucking it down with rain for a quarter, and reasonably warm and sunny for the rest of it. I always thought the fact I've only had three or four dry birthdays in my life was me being paranoid or misremembering, but apparently there's a great deal of historical precedent. Apparently there is actual scientific reasoning for why the end of June is so rotten weather-wise! You have to wonder why they insist on holding Wimbledon and Glastonbury at this time of year when the meteorologists consider it "monsoon season".
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irc transcript from, just now:
[23:26] * Otterylexa talks to the object of poing on the phone
[23:28] * astalice giggles at the Otterylexa talking to the object of poing
[23:28] * Otterylexa grins*
[23:29] * fluffymormegil emits happy fluffy poly squee
[23:30] * Otterylexa absorbs a squeeon and emits an poingon
[23:32] astalice: lol!
[23:32] astalice: i am so putting that in livejournal
[23:32] fluffymormegil :)
[23:32] Otterylexa :-P

[23:41] astalice: gah! i keep missing "amused" in the mood drop-down
[23:41] astalice: it won't work at all if i pick "aggravated" or "angry" by mistake!


Mar. 5th, 2007 02:31 pm
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Haven't been around much online because I'm playing vast quantities of Ōkami. It will probably surprise you not at all that it's pretty much my perfect game. You are a (female) wolf who is the reincarnation of the sun goddess, and you restore trees, feed animals, fight monsters, and do calligraphy with your tail. And the whole thing is based heavily on Japanese mythology. Honestly, the only way it could be more of an h-l game would be if there was a rhythm action component where she played a musical instrument with her tail.

Also, Alexa is staying, and we're being vaguely social together in a low-energy sort of way. Pretty much everyone I know is severely short of energy at the moment.

Somehow, February ended while I wasn't looking, meaning it's time for me to do all my invoices. In fact, today being 5th March, they're already overdue. Argh.
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Just uploaded & annotated another seven pictures: gallery. I advise you to start with the gallery view so you can read the comments and compare the pictures taken at different times before zooming in to look at the detail of the woooood.

It's very nice wood, isn't it? I wanted to get much smoother wood - Karelia do four different designs. I really liked the Select variety, where the wood in successive strips is carefully selected to ensure an match as pefect as is possible with a natural substance. But Richard insisted on getting the Natur variety, which is slightly more eclectic - he said it was pointless getting real wood that looked like plastic laminate. I think he made the right decision.

Still can't get over what a terrible state the carpet's in. It was only fitted in December 1997 or January 1998, when the previous people moved in - you have to wonder what on earth they *did* to it to get it so manky! I suppose it probably didn't help that Bodge the Builder GLUED it to the floorboards in most places rather than using carpet tacks. Not many foam rubber underlays could survive glue intact.

I've decided that when we finish the front room, we'll celebrate by taking arty photos of Richard nude, lying on the wooden floor with his hair all around him and the rudest parts covered by my brown blanket. I think the contrast of the pale skin and warm red wood and dark fur will make lovely wuzzie porn for people into hairy geek boys. For some reason, he is quite resistant to this idea, even though I told him I'll post the photos on the internet so we can make lots of money! Richard is strange sometimes :D
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I feel like I should post to say we're all still alive here. After five days of work, we have slightly less hole and slightly more floor. I was going to upload a bunch of photos of the Floor In Progress, but I think we've lost the little box that camera memory cards plug into, and I'm way too tired to annotate them anyway. My lungs are basically ok due to the amazing protective features of THE MASK, though I think I'll be cleaning black bogies out of my nose for weeks ;)

Currently wondering just how monogamous people manage to get anything done in their houses, let alone single people. It's taken both partners & me five days to do this much, and we haven't exactly been slacking off (they've been working from noon to 11pm every day, except Wednesday which was a crappy day for so many reasons - I've been here as and when inbetween work and menstrual gnomes). I think people who live alone and achieve major DIY projects must be superheroes!

Anyway: there is a damp Amazonian Alexa in front of me, and Richard's downstairs making coffee, and most of what I want to say won't make sense until the photos are online, so *yawn* *stretch*. We would appreciate people coming over to have a Furniture-Moving Party on Sunday afternoon/eveningish. Anyone who's feeling vaguely strong can come by & help us shift stuff. (Lots of it isn't heavy at all, just annoying, like bags of paperback books looted from the bookshelves before we moved them.) I will feed you! Shout in the comments here if you're coming to make sure I have enough of the right types of food.


Oct. 11th, 2006 07:58 pm
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Are you going to Polyday?
It's this Saturday, 14th October, in the Blackfriars/London Bridge area of London.

[Poll #842501]

I will be there, along with my partner [ profile] alexa_robinson, metamour [ profile] rowan_leigh, partner twice removed [ profile] fluffymormegil, tocotox [ profile] artremis, and whatever a tocotox's primary partner's called, [ profile] oilrig. Argh! The jargon! It burns! hehe. My primary [ profile] wuzzie has no inclination whatsoever to come to Polyday itself (too many people for his introversion & little desire to talk to strangers about emotional stuff), but he should be coming into town to meet us for dinner. So you'll have to grab your Richard time when you see him.

I'm running a workshop/session/thing along with Anna [ profile] ofiwriter: it's called When poly meets real life and here's the blurb from the programme:
Love is infinite, but real life has definite limits. Time, money, distance and health are just four of the resources that can stop us having as many lovers, partners or relationships as we'd like. How can we do non-monogamy with these limiting factors as constraints? How can we achieve the best balance between the relationships we'd like to have with infinite resources, and what's actually possible in the real world?

This workshop will be particularly useful for people with disabilities or chronic health conditions, as well as those with other life limitations. However, the session is open to & should be beneficial for all, as none of us have unlimited time or finances! At no stage will you be asked to reveal any personal information about your life limits; sharing a problem or answer with the whole group is entirely optional.

It's from 2.30-3.45pm, which is quite civilised - but I've literally just looked at the programme and seen that we're clashing with Safer Sex. I hope that won't stop too many people from coming :/
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Sunday 16th July started with me managing to win the fight with my bed almost in time to get to Bisexuals in the Media, but they'd closed the session already. So I faffed about for a minute and decided to go to Sharing the Clothes run by Sian - a workshop supposedly about crossdressing partners, that I had a passing interest in despite no experience. This proved to be a very good idea. Although only a small group (about 8 people), it was a fascinating workshop that ran over by 15 minutes, and the only reason I left was because it was lunch time and I really needed food! Cut for possibly non-worksafe language. )

On Sunday afternoon was the Decision-Making Plenary, ably run by [ profile] djm4, where we made decisions about future BiCons that are to be held and who is going to be in charge. After that was the Official BiCon Group Photograph, but it seems that while some people stayed away because they don't want to be "out" publicly, a lot of other people missed it because they didn't realise it was happening. I'm mentioning this because it was the only organisational cock-up I'm aware of - which is actually a damn good thing and a great credit to this year's team - but it should be fairly easy to avoid in future. (The photograph was mentioned very briefly in the programme booklet under the heading "About plenaries", but did not appear in the programme apart from that.)

I'd thought about going to the Multi-Faith Worship at 3.30pm, but I needed to wash my hair - yes, I know that's a pathetic excuse, but I was feeling tired and grubby. Moaning. )

Then I went to [ profile] barakta's Sign Language workshop, which included general Deaf Awareness. It was interesting because there were five people present with reasonable knowledge of BSL, who were all learning in different parts of the country. So we saw several regional variants of signs, particularly for place names. I remain convinced that I have the wrong kind of brain to learn much sign language, but it's still good to try.

For dinner I had nasty Chinese takeout but good conversation with [ profile] faerierhona, [ profile] aster13 and [ profile] plumsbitch about workshops we'd like to see in the future, perhaps including things like Ethical Consumerism and Alternative Menstrual Products. The evening entertainment was a Ceilidh with a "Scottish" theme. Many people arrived wearing some degree of tartan, although there were also several lovely non-tartan corsets - most noticably Becky's. Ciaran turned up as "Crocodile Dundee" with a 6 foot stuffed crocodile (not an opblasskrokodil!) who tried to eat dino!! (dino had gone over to greet him as a fellow furry reptile, but he decided dino looked like a tasty morsel. I did not get photos of this. Grrr). Alexa got her hair braided into many little plaits by someone who, in typical bi community small-world syndrome, has been friends with [ profile] fluffymormegil since university.

The Ceilidh itself was fun to watch - it's one of these things I've always wanted to go to but not done so because of leg issues - but too loud, due to the "punk" ceilidh band who played everything at high speed. So after speaking to a few people about their costumes, I went through to the "quiet" bar, and stayed there for a couple of hours, chatting with various people including Alexa, Nickie and David, until it stopped being quiet. Then I went back to my room for chocolate & snuggling with Ludy.

On Monday 17th July I did not get up in time for Re-entry, the workshop about how to cope back in the real world, but I did get to the Closing Plenary and see the bi community "Cake" award presentations. Then I packed, and hung out on the grass with various people, mostly [ profile] x_mass. Then I was on the train with [ profile] conflux & [ profile] the_kumquat, having a quiet BiCon comedown and a touch of travel sickness.

All my BiCon photos are here, and the gallery is a mixture of public & friends-only photos depending on who they're of and if there are other people in the background. Let me know if you want the classification changed on any of them.
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[ profile] firecat pointed me at Blogging Against Disablism day. How come I didn't hear of this before it happened? Gah. Here are some comments from the posts that firecat thought were particularly interesting or informative. I'm going to have to read my way through the whole lot myself, now. Well, that'll keep me amused the next time I'm at home, depressed & ill :)

One of the things about this past weekend is I realised how many thoroughly decent people I have in my life. At various points in the weekend, I was there with both of my gorgeous partners, Richard & Alexa; my lovely tocotox, ludy; my best friends, Tim & Peter; and of course, the amazingly talented Freezepop - as well as [ profile] taimatsu, [ profile] barty and [ profile] cryx. I spent the whole weekend surrounded by beautiful, intelligent people who care about me.

So I have this wonderful "little" collection of health problems. I have to deal with pain and exhaustion and having to conserve my energy; remembering to take drugs on time, and being horribly sick if I forget; and not being able to go out and do things that other, "normal" people my age can. Of course it gets me down sometimes. I have attacks of really bad depression and woe, but the fact is I have: two partners and a bunch of good friends who love me and are there for me.

If I am unlucky for having the health crap, I'm so lucky and blessed with the love I have. My life may suck, but it also rocks.


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