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Am back from telling. Dogs at the Polling Station update: 5 during the hours of 1pm - 3pm.

Yay: I got licked by a very fluffy husky.
Boo: His owner was a very obnoxious Tory.

Here is an interesting video from BBC News: How do you vote when you're blind?

In other news, London's newspaper, the Evening Standard officially Went Too Far last night. It is now edited by George Osborne, who is famous primarily for being Chancellor of the Exchequer (a.k.a. Finance Minister) for David Cameron's government. Obviously, you would expect a bit of Tory bias in his newspaper.

Well, yesterday it was announced that Diane Abbott, the Shadow Home Secretary, is unwell. Shadow Ministers are from the main Opposition party (currently, the Labour Party) and literally "shadow" the jobs of Government ministers. Conservatives have argued that she isn't really unwell at all, this is an excuse to get her out of the limelight because of mistakes she has been making during the Election campaign. Personally, given my chronic illnesses, it seems entirely obvious to me that a person who has previously been very competent and suddenly starts making mistakes could be ill. But hey, I'm biased in a different direction.

The Home Secretary is responsible for immigration, policing, and national security. Theresa May was previously Home Secretary, and during her incumbency the UK Home Office asked LGBT asylum seekers utterly atrocious personal questions, held traumatised people in detention, generally treated them like crap on a stick, and sent legitimate asylum seekers back to their original countries to get tortured and/or killed. The Home Secretary is also responsible for the UK's efforts to Fight the War Against Some Terrorists. It's basically the third most important job in the British Government.

The Evening Standard responded to the news of Diane Abbott's illness by commissioning this absolutely appalling cartoon. It's rude, obnoxious, and dismissive of pretty much everyone with a long-term serious health condition. The rather wonderful Jack Monroe has pointed out everything that Diane Abbott has achieved in her career. It's long, and impressive. Plenty of other politicians never accomplish this much. So why does she get so much abuse? Could it be because she dares to be middle-aged, female, black, and fat?
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Today is the British General Election, and I am scared shitless.

On a local level, there is a strong chance that I will once again have the overprivileged twit who didn't know what BSL meant (when given the context of "BSL interpreters for disabled people") as my Member of Parliament. I am absolutely horrified that the local Conservative party chose Zac Goldsmith as their candidate for MP, after he resigned from the party and triggered an entirely unnecessary by-election only a few months ago. He claimed it was about blocking the expansion of Heathrow Airport. Well, guess what? The Conservative Government decided to back the expansion of Heathrow Airport! So how can he stand as a Conservative again? Okay, he never ruled out rejoining the Conservatives 'in the future', but five months later is hardly the sort of 'future' that people were expecting when they asked him.

Basically, the man is a self-serving slimeball*. He believes that the reason he lost the by-election in December was because standing as an Independent, he wasn't allowed access to the Conservative Party database of supporters, and Conservative ministers weren't allowed to help him. (Although some non-minister Conservative MPs helped him, including pro-Heathrow expansion friends.) 1871 votes isn't a big margin, and while people might be willing to vote Lib Dem as a protest against Brexit, people who are scared of Jeremy Corbyn as Prime Minister aren't going to risk losing a Conservative seat. Urgh.

*[Since we need some humour to break up the unrelenting grimness, I saw this article in one of the local rags the other day: A huge snake paid an uninvited visit to a home in Kew and immediately texted Richard to ask "Was it Zac Goldsmith?". He replied, "It's a popular misconception that snakes are slimy. Actually, only Tories are slimy." My dear friend Stellarwind pointed out "There's a very distinctive difference. One is a predatory cold-blooded reptile that makes some people very nervous... the other is a snake."]

On a national level, the fact is that the Conservatives hate disabled people. I could link to literally hundreds of articles to prove this, but here's one about mental health, and one about physical disability. That second link should be read by EVERYONE I know except for those who are expecting a PIP assessment soon and can't afford to get triggered.

There's also the absolute mess that Brexit is going to make of our country. I have no training in economics and cannot really argue this point, but I do know that the pound was worth US $1.6 only about a year ago. Now it's more like 1.1. And that isn't because the dollar got a lot stronger, it's because the British economy is collapsing.

I was arguing with an idiot this morning who claimed that "u can look at it as people more incentivised to buy local and your economy will benefit". I replied "'Buy local' means giving up every foodstuff which can't grow in your climate. Goodbye, oranges!". The exchange rate matters A LOT for trade. Even on the most basic level of an individual wanting to shop, it matters. I want a $20 nerdy t-shirt from the US? It used to cost me £12.50. Now it costs me £18.18. (The idiot claimed I should "buy a nerdy UK shirt. this is how you rek your own economy gettin evrythin foreign", and I tried to point out that the specific design I want to purchase is sold by an American company, and then I gave up trying to argue.)

The Conservative government is violently pro hard-Brexit (i.e. a complete split from the EU, removing the right to free movement, withdrawing from the European Court of Human Rights, withdrawing from the European Medicines Agency, etc). I'm a scientist and I'm worried sick about the effect of Brexit on science. I'm also a person with Northern Irish ancestry, and I'm worried sick about the effect of Brexit on the Irish border. These things matter, and it's like a load of little Englander UKIP-voting Brexiteers haven't even thought about them.

And I just can't cope. My mental health has been collapsing ever since this election was called, along with many of my friends'. Richard is kicking himself for not taking up Belgian citizenship when he was still entitled to it. I'm going to be out today working for the Liberal Democrats, trying to make sure that we keep our Sarah and don't let that awful Zac back, but a General Election really isn't the same as a local by-election. And I've been too ill and stressed lately to do more than cheer Richard on as he's delivered leaflets. If we lose by a narrow margin, it's going to feel very personal.

[Leaving this public for now. If any anonymous trolls decide to have a go at me, then I'll close it down. Not in the mood to argue.]
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UK Government and Parliament Petitions: EU Referendum Rules triggering a 2nd EU Referendum. To be fair, this doesn't have a hope in hell of succeeding. But I had to do something. Apparently, Nigel Farage said "In a 52-48 referendum this would be unfinished business by a long way". Apparently, if it's 51.9:48.1 in the direction he wanted, it doesn't count as unfinished.

Remember, as Rami Ismail @tha_rami wrote on Twitter:
Just in case somebody argued the majority of the UK voted leave: they didn't.

37.5% voted Leave,
34.7% voted Remain.
27.8% did not vote.

In other news regarding that odious individual, Nigel Farage, he said ‘we won it without a bullet being fired’. Given the tragic death of Jo Cox MP last week, that was a terrible thing to say and he needs to be held accountable for this. 38 Degrees: Nigel Farage: Say sorry for that shocking comment regarding bullets.

The Leave campaigners have blatantly lied. The Guardian: There are liars and then there’s Boris Johnson and Michael Gove - by Nick Cohen. So I signed two petitions about this: Petitioning Home Secretary and Member of Parliament for Maidenhead Rt Hon Theresa May MP. Make it a criminal offence to knowingly mislead the public to achieve electoral gain.

38 Degrees: Expand the powers of the Electoral Commission against misinformation.

and also, related to a referendum promise which now looks unlikely to be kept:
38 Degrees: Keep the promise of £350 million for our NHS. I don't actually believe we do pay £350 million a week to the EU, let alone that all of this money will be freed up if we leave (for one thing, the various regions which currently claim EU funding will need to be given that money. Sadly, the Leave vote was strongest in areas most dependent on the EU).

And some things that I feel strongly about: Mandatory teaching of Politics in British High Schools. Because it seems that a lot of people didn't understand what they were voting for or what leaving the EU would mean. There are still a lot of people in this country who seem to believe that we directly elect our Prime Minister!

38 Degrees: Guarantee no change in the status of E.U citizens currently living in the U.K. Petitioning Boris Johnson MP and David Cameron MP. Government to ensure LGBTQ+ rights do not suffer as a result of the referendum.

And I don't care if you think this is a joke. I am very serious. Petitioning Mayor of London Sadiq Khan. Declare London independent from the UK and apply to join the EU.

Still living in the hope that if Scotland leaves the UK and (re)joins the EU, that I'll be eligible for a Scottish passport.
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I am very stressed, anxious, angry, and upset right now. I literally cannot believe what has happened. I honestly don't know anyone who voted to Leave.

My friends - well yes, they tend to be left-wing, liberal, anti-racist Europeans. Of course they all voted Remain. But even my family voted Remain! My dad's family suddenly remembered that they are immigrants, and that they are in favour of a free market. My 89-year old grandmother who is horribly racist despite having black grandchildren and great-grandchildren - even she voted Remain! Apparently because she doesn't like Boris Johnson and doesn't want him in charge of anything, but that's still a better reason than a lot of people who voted Leave.

According to the front page of the BBC News site, 17,410,742 people, being 51.9% of those who voted, chose to Leave. Meanwhile 16,141,241 people, being 48.1% of those who voted, chose to Remain. That isn't a clear mandate for anything! Even if the figures were reversed, even if Remain had narrowly squeaked through... I would still be saying that the country is divided, that it isn't a clear mandate either way.

What bothers me is this. My mum manages a block of flats for retired people. In order to make changes to services offered, she needs to follow a Code of Practice which states that to make changes to the status quo, all of the following criteria must be met:
1. 66% of the votes received must support the proposal,
2. 51% of the total number of leaseholders must support the proposal, and
3. not more than 25% of the total number of leaseholders are against the proposal.

Leaving the European Union is many, many orders of magnitude more important for the country than any change to services provided by a block of retirement flats, and yet a 3.8% majority is apparently enough to make the change!

I just can't take this in.
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Richard and I just did the quiz at to find out who we should vote for.

Huge image! )
That image is crap though because it only shows the top 5, whereas I think my 53% for the Conservatives, 21% for UKIP and 3% for the BNP (!) are important :) Honestly, I'm amazed that I have as much as 3% in common with the BNP... Apparently I agree with them about nuclear energy and tracking.

Don't forget to vote!
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Hooray (so far). Still got the Lords to go. Actually, still got A LONG WAY to go: we're at the first 2 on this diagram.

David Lammy ♥. You may need tissues.
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It's incredibly odd to look at livejournal after it's been a public holiday where you live, to find that it's been an entirely normal work day for your friends in other parts of the world.

Just a quick observation :)
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Here is a news article which is worth propagating to all UK people (especially those who live in south London): Consumers are being warned to check packs of Nurofen Plus after it emerged that thousands could mistakenly contain antipsychotic drugs.

I don't take it myself since I'm not allowed NSAIDs, but I guess that ibuprofen plus codeine is a fairly common medication amongst menstruating women and people with chronic pain conditions.

The news article says that the affected packs have 32 tablets in, are in batches numbered 13JJ, 57JJ and 49JJ, and that Seroquel tablets have gold and black packaging and are larger in comparison to Nurofen Plus tablets. If you have accidental Seroquel then return the packet to the pharmacy where you bought it and report it to the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency's defective medicines report centre on 020 3080 6574.
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This is a few weeks old now but still funny. While the LibDems were busy talking to Labour and the Conservatives to figure out which Party they'd be able to do a deal with, someone put Nick Clegg up for auction on eBay. From [ profile] tickthatbox:

Questions 1
Questions 2

Also, the Nick Clegg action figure. Amazingly nice!

How many of you are now earwormed to death by this userpic? ;)
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I have spent way too long yesterday/today reading what I can only describe as British politician fanfic. Especially bizarre as most of the writers don't actually like at least one of the politicians in their story in real life.

Many of them feature teh sexytiems, but not all. Some of them feature zombie apocalypses, with HM the Queen as the gunslinging saviour of our country. One of them features the Conservative Party as a variety of undead creatures.

The following stories are all sex-free (at least at the point I write this), so you can read them even if you're squicked by the thought of real person slash or just generally aren't into hawt boy-on-boy action:

In the style of Good Omens. Angels and demons having to work together for the good of the country.

David Cameron meets the Minister for Magic. Brilliant.

Which Pokemon would Gordon Brown, Dave Cameron and Nick Clegg have?. I laughed so hard that I almost had an asthma attack.
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That Millennium Dome really is a very clever plushie elephant.
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I'm wondering what today's newspapers are going to say. We had no idea what was happening in terms of Parliament composition 4am when the absolute latest editions go to press.

07:15 LibDems gain Bradford East from Labour with a 7.6% swing Lab to LD, and gain Solihull from the Conservatives with a 0.3% swing. Up to 50 LD seats now, which would make for LD50 puns if we weren't all so tired.

They haven't even started COUNTING the votes in Poplar yet?! That was one of the constituencies with severe accusations of electoral fraud, things like 18 people suddenly being added to one, 3-bedroomed house. Apparently it's taken all night just to verify the number of votes cast and the postal votes.

The Guardian claims that 25 constituencies won't even start to be counted yet... So we won't actually know the composition of Parliament until this evening. Definitely thinking about going to bed now.

07:32 LibDems lose Truro & Falmouth to the Conservatives. Further proof that when a popular incumbent MP stands down for an unknown new candidate, the LibDems may lose the seat.

08:10 LibDems hold Manchester Withington, Labour hold Streatham. And I think the people in BBC titling are all falling asleep, because they declared that an Independent candidate had won Manchester Central from Labour - but the results on the web site show a strong Labour hold!

Nothing at all interesting has happened for a while. Definitely time for bed.
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06:35 LibDems hold Bermondsey & Old Southwark (Simon Hughes), and Sheffield Hallam (Nick Clegg)! Majority for Nick Clegg is doubled, to 15,284. 6.9% swing from Conservative to LibDem :)

Paxman: How much of your own money did you spend on your campaign?
Goldsmith: "It's not about money" - no, that's how come you bought 500 matching jackets for your team to wear! And that's the smallest thing I know of. Great, so you were elected an hour ago, and you're lying to us already.

06:45 LibDems gain Wells from the Conservatives. The incumbent MP was highly implicated in the expenses scandal, having spent £30,000 of taxpayers' money on manure!

06:58 The LibDems lose Camborne & Redruth to the Conservatives with a majority of 66 :o Seems that every seat we gain is balanced by a loss.

It's all gone rather quiet. Wondering when to go to bed. Waiting for 66 more seats, which could make all the difference between a Conservative majority or a Lib-Lab coalition :X
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05:42 LibDems hold Twickenham. Vince Cable, our guru and spiritual leader, is re-elected! 54.4% of the vote, 12,140 majority, and a 0.5% swing from Conservative to LibDem!

05:50 Yes! Caroline Lucas elected for the Green Party in Brighton Pavillion! The UK's first Green MP!

05:54 FUCK FUCK FUCK. Richmond Park taken by that smug, smarmy, little git Zac Goldsmith. 29,461 for him vs 25,370 for Susan Kramer :( *cries*. I've just asked Richard if we can move house to a couple of streets away so we can have Ed Davey as our MP instead.

I'm so upset about this. It's one thing losing our seat to the Tories, but another losing it to a GIT. There are perfectly nice and acceptable members of the Conservative Party! (e.g. Helen Whatley, the candidate in Kingston & Surbiton). Zac Goldsmith is a slimy prick who bought his seat with Daddy's money. Gah.

Though I am very, very slightly cheered up by the discovery that Kingston & Surbiton had a Monster Raving Loony candidate called Monkey the Drummer. Awesome!

06:11 LibDems hold Portsmouth South, and St Austell & Newquay. We're still waiting for Nick Clegg's result! Apparently counting in the six Sheffield constituencies has been A Mess.

06:24 A few more LibDem declarations: we hold Cornwall North, Orkney & Shetland, and Hornsey.
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04:21 Good news as LibDems hold Colchester.

04:23 Sad news as we lose Oxford West, and the excellent MP Dr Evan Harris. The Conservative majority is a mere 176! Unfortunately a boundary revision has removed most of the colleges of the University of Oxford from the constituency - students are traditionally more likely to vote LibDem as we are the most student-friendly party. Then Chesterfield lost to Labour. Boo.

04:28 Amusing news for those who hate celebrities as Esther Rantzen will not be entering the House of Commons. In fact, she got so few votes (a mere 1872) that she lost her deposit. Hehe.

04:29 We lose York Outer :(

04:41 Lots of good news. The LibDems hold Sutton and Cheam, a key Tory target, and Ross Skye & Lochaber. Jacqui Smith, one of the most corrupt Labour MPs, has been voted out. We hold Dorset Mid (with a mere 269 vote majority!) and Cheadle.

04:52 LibDems gain Norwich South from Labour! But also lose Cornwall South East to the Conservatives. Then we hold Birmingham Yardley. Stressful.

05:23 Cambridge held!!! Rumours were suggesting this would fall to the Conservatives, and indeed there was a 7% swing from LD to Conservative. But we still managed a LibDem majority of 6792.

I've totally forgotten to mention that Lembit Opik lost his seat in Montgomeryshire, and I can't even remember when it happened. Hours ago.

05:26 Kingston & Surbiton hold! I've been worried sick due to not having heard about any of our really local constituencies. Still nothing about Twickenham. Twitter suggests that Richmond Park (our constituency) has already gone to at least one recount. We also hold Leeds North West.
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02:48 Normally, in an election, there is a marked swing from one party to another. It differs in size across the country and is affected by local issues, but it's possible to make a prediction. This time round, the swings have been all over the place. Labour to Conservative in some areas, Lib Dem to Conservative in others, Labour to Lib Dem in others, even Conservative to Labour! And that's excluding the various nationalist parties in the regions.

I think the BBC commentator, whose name I don't know, was absolutely right in his synopsis of what's been happening. When a popular Liberal Democrat candidate is standing again, they often keep the seat. When the popular LibDem stands down for an unknown new candidate, the LibDems may lose the seat. [ profile] softfruit says that incumbency is a factor for all parties but moreso the LDs, worth about 1000-2000 votes.

02:57 17% Lab to LD swing in Merthyr Tydfil - but we still didn't win it!

02:58 Non-news of the night: David Cameron re-elected as MP for Witney. A wonderful collection of insane fringe candidates though, including "comedy terrorist"> Aaron Barschak dressed as Jesus with fake blood. (We always have loonies standing for fun/attention in seats where a party leader is the sitting MP).

03:07 The BBC is annoying us again with its bad editing. They've been doing live TV for decades, how is it that they're now chopping and changing from one scene to another seemingly at random. And why are they not showing all the declarations for key government and shadow government figures?

03:14 Liberal Democrat joy as we hold Dunbartonshire East, Cardiff Central and Brecon & Radnor.

03:23 Misreporting by the BBC as they say we hold Newton Abbot, which has actually swung to the Conservatives :( However, it's difficult to draw any conclusions from this as Newton Abbot is a new constituency this time round. The Liberal Democrat MP Richard Younger-Ross was MP for Teignbridge, which no longer exists.

03:31 We gain Burnley! 9.6% swing from Lab to Lib Dem! Excellent news as Burnley elected seven BNP councillors to its borough council in 2003 and one county council member in 2009. The BNP is, in their own words, "the only party which opposes mass immigration and surrender to the European Union", and in my words, a bunch of racists. Preventing them from gaining any more power is a Very Good Thing.

03:37 Ten minutes of excitement, as we hear that the Lib Dems hold Berwickshire, the "big Scottish named one" (copyright [ profile] dannilion) -  Caithness S and E Ross, Bristol West, Norfolk North, and Southport.

03:48 Romsey & Soton N lost to Conservatives.

03:52 We gain Redcar from the incumbent Labour candidate with a massive swing - we only got 20.2% of the vote last time. 21.8% swing from Labour to LibDem, which has to be one of the biggest swings of this election. The anti-Peter Robinson swing was 22.9%.

04:13 LibDems hold Carshalton with an increased majority, and Inverness. A wonderful quote from Ian Hislop about the concept of a hung Parliament: "A government of all the talents. There's not many of them, but let's put them all in."
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00:52 Peter Robinson, Northern Ireland's First Minister, "unexpectedly" lost his seat. irc log )

Strange constituency names:
[01:02] <GPI> ... wow that's an interesting name
[01:02] <GPI> Northampton South
[01:02] [ profile] fluffymormegil Borough population of 200k will do that :)
[01:02] [ profile] fluffymormegil sadly, there is no Southampton North.

01:03 The BBC is annoying us. Plaid Cymru just gained a seat, so the BBC has started talking about Scotland...? It's not just Welsh people who care about Wales, you know!

01:14 The Liberal Democrats hold Torbay - a seat in danger of going to the Conservatives. irc log )

01:31 There have been widespread issues of voters being disenfranchised. Most of the seats involved are those with close contests, where vigorous campaigning has gone on. These are mostly Liberal Democrat seats as we have few safe seats. Post on the legal issues by [ profile] karen2205.

01:36 Further BBC annoyances - in the middle of the City of Durham count, a tight Liberal Democrat/Labour race, the BBC switched over to show the count for Kirkcaldy. Very annoying, because of course Gordon Brown will hold his own seat, even if he stops being Prime Minister! We wanted to know if we'd won Durham! Turns out to be a Labour hold for Durham with a mere 0.4% swing Lab to LD.

01:41 Unfathomable questions:
[01:41] [ profile] barakta You do realise no one while I have been on here have done Shag Marry Cliff on Gordy, Dave and Nick!
[01:43] [ profile] baratron would you WANT to do Shag Marry Cliff on Gordy, Dave and Nick? that would mean shagging one of them, and marrying another!
[01:44] <GPI> shag nick clegg, marry gordon brown
[01:44] [ profile] fluffymormegil ... and murder him for the insurance money?

01:51 The Conservatives hold Guildford. Disappointing for us as Liberal Democrats because last time there was a mere 0.09% Tory majority. However, let's be honest - it's deepest Surrey. The surprise is really that the LibDems did so well last time.

Have to say though, people keep talking about percentages and saying the LibDem vote is down. Is it? If the turnout is way up, I wouldn't be surprised if the actual number of votes is very similar number, and it's simply that more people have turned out to vote Tory this time. I want to check the actual numbers.

02:47 [ profile] baratron National Liberal Party - votes, 93
[ profile] baratron not very national, that


May. 6th, 2010 04:53 am
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Finally election day. The past month seems to have taken forever. By the way, is the UK unique in referring to our most senior politicians by their first names? In formal news reports it's all "Mr" Brown/Cameron/Clegg, but in headlines, less formal news reports and blogs, it's Gordon/Dave/Nick all the way.

I have already outed myself as a Liberal Democrat and in case anyone reading this is uncertain which way to vote, you could do worse than reading [ profile] djm4's Why I'm a Liberal Democrat posts over at Dreamwidth.

If you're planning to vote Labour, you might want to read [ profile] lizw's post Ten reasons why, if you’re considering voting Labour, you should think again.

I don't think I know anyone who is planning to vote Conservative, but in case I do: watch [ profile] hiddenpaw's video about "Big Society", and then read this article in yesterday's Independent. Apparently since the Conservatives took over Hammersmith & Fulham council, they've gone round slashing services for those in most need. It's frightening.

There's also The fourth debate: You ask the questions to the leaders of the three main parties. We all know, by now, that Gordon Brown has lost the plot, but I'm quite alarmed by how badly. Read more... )

I'm pretty anxious for the future of this country. The percentages in opinion polls vary so wildly depending on the newspaper you're reading them in that it's impossible to be certain of anything. If you believe The Sun, then Dave is already measuring up for the new blue curtains in Downing Street - but other papers/polls are predicting much more of a hung Parliament. I'm generally in favour of a coalition - I think it'll be a good thing for the country because the buggers will have to work together in order to get anything done. As one of the papers pointed out (can't remember if it was The Times, The Independent or the Evening Standard), a hung Parliament doesn't have to mean that the economy gets screwed. Germany has had a coalition government for years, yet has one of the most stable economies in the world.

Also, the higher the LibDem vote, the higher the probability of a referendum next year on constitutional reform. Which can only be a good thing.

Who else is planning on staying up all night to watch the election coverage? Can we get together on irc or something? I'll be on on as astra as usual, but can get myself anywhere else.
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(Assuming you don't mind having your voting preference linked to your lj username)

Help baratron and get your own badge!
(The Livejournal Electioniser was made by robhu)

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I've just been watching Nick Griffin (short BBC biography / long Wikipedia entry) on Question Time. Some thoughts: Long )

The "Wisdom" of Nick Griffin
"Indigenous British" people are descended from the people who were here 17,000 years ago."Skin colour is irrelevant". Nick Griffin apparently has no freaking idea of the history of this country. Being an island, we've been invaded a ridiculously large number of times - Romans, Saxons, Vikings, Normans, just in the past couple of thousand years. Our blood is so co-mingled that, even were records available, I'm not sure anyone could trace themselves back that far.

I'm pleased to know that if the BNP suddenly got into power, Nick Griffin would permit me and all the other non-white people to stay in this country. I wonder if the rest of his party agree with him on that, though? Pretty sure a lot of BNP members think that brown people should be sent back to where they came from, which is a problem if you come from here. Maybe they'd have some sort of "Britishness" test.

Nick Griffin thinks that the BBC is "ultra left-wing". This would be the same BBC that is officially impartial and allowed him, as an ultra right-wing politician onto the programme in the face of Cabinet criticism and serious protests? Riiiight.

I'm glad the programme wasn't 100% everyone pile on Nick Griffin, let's see what an idiot he is. Apparently he went to Cambridge, so he must have a brain in there somewhere. I find many of his views repugnant, but it's worth noting how he's managed to drag the BNP from being an extreme racist party with a handful of jackbooted supporters into something that ordinary people are prepared to vote for.

An audience member asked the various panelists about Jan Moir's hateful Stephen Gately article in the Daily Mail. The four panelists who were not in the BNP gave essentially identical answers in favour of free speech (unsurprising considering they were willing to appear on TV alongside the BNP), but suggesting that a person/newspaper should consider whether their opinion is in good taste. Nick Griffin however came out with some wonders:

"I'm against the teaching of homosexuality to primary school children. I'm against the teaching of any kind of sexuality in primary school, I think it's wrong." I started my periods in primary school - was I supposed to think I was bleeding to death?

"Most British people find two men kissing creepy." It's the view of most of Britain, along with all the Muslims and all the Christians. Erm... for someone who is anti-Islam because you think it treats women as second-class citizens, why are you now acting like you're all on the same side? Also, most Christians in this country are not actively against homosexuality.

"Homophobic prejudice - I don't think there's any place in a civilised society for it" - go, Chris Huhne!

I'm going to write some stuff about me sometime. Not sure when.


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