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I've done a bit more work on migrating my lj friends list to a new dreamwidth access list. It is, however, really depressing how many of the accounts on my new list say "never updated" next to them.

It seems that my dreamwidth reading list consists of about 10 people who regularly post. I really miss the chronic health community that I had on lj, but haven't had the spoons either to post on lj to ask where people have moved to, or to try to find a new version here. Must find some spoons. Currently accepting donations.

I still have a couple of hundred links from my mobile browser which I "need" to post on my journal. I expect most of the news-related links are now hideously outdated due to new events. A lot of the queer or disability-related links are still interesting, though.

In exciting personal news, I now have a Freedom Pass! I've qualified for one for years, I just didn't have sufficient energy/motivation to submit the paperwork. And buses in London are free if you're a wheelchair user anyway. However, due to various things (such as the fire at Camden Lock Market), I now need to take the Tube on a regular basis. £8.10 for a Travelcard with a Disabled Railcard is just horrendous (that's like THREE chocolate brownies!), and that was finally enough motivation for me to apply for the pass.

So now I can travel all around London for free, and also on buses elsewhere in England. However, my travel is currently restricted owing to the fact that platforms 7 & 8 at Vauxhall will have no lift until April. Also for the next couple of weeks, trains from Kingston are only every half hour (instead of every 15 minutes), and will be taking 48+ minutes to get to Waterloo instead of 30ish.

I must remember to buy tickets for this vegan food fair. Perhaps after Richard has recovered from the shock of paying for my last-minute train tickets to Leeds - which were already heavily reduced due to aforementioned Freedom Pass and Disabled Railcard...
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Home from travelling. Actually, I got in somewhere around 1 pm yesterday and proceeded to pass out for many hours. Woke up at 1 am and (much to my surprise) have been awake ever since. Husband has been snuggled. Boyfriend has been talked to on Skype. He looks very sad, poor thing, but it remains against the laws of physics for me to be in two places at once. Hoping we can have him visit in late June/early July for my birthday.

Super weirdly, I have been physically energetic enough to have emptied the laundry rack, folded the dry laundry, sorted all of the dirty laundry in my suitcase, put on a load of laundry, emptied the clean stuff out of the dishwasher and refilled it. I hope that I will not pay for this tomorrow, though I have A Theory. A theory which involves, of all things, vegan bacon and my ability to get it.

(Gods, I knew that Yves Veggie Bacon wasn't very fatty, but I didn't realise that 3 rashers had only 0.5 g of fat between the lot of them, along with 14 g of protein. Short of actually, y'know, BAKING my own tofu, I am unsure where to get tasty textured fake meat products which are low fat and high protein. Nasty-tasting, weird textured but low fat, I can do. Nice-tasting, well-textured and full of fat, I can do).

Continue to be Unimpressed with Aer Lingus. Will relate the full story later when spoons exist.
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Today I am feeling depressed and panicky. The problem with sleeping in hotel rooms is the damned air conditioning. Firstly, it's impossible to control the temperature of the room the way we'd do it at home by throwing open a window, since the windows are sealed. The hotel room defaults to 22 deg C, which is too hot for comfortable sleeping - especially with the two duvets they've given us! I prefer the room somewhere around 17-18 deg C while I'm trying to fall asleep.

Secondly, a single heavy duvet (we removed the second one because it was ridiculous) is improper temperature control for me. At home, I sleep with a thin duvet and a selection of thin blankets, which I throw onto or off the bed depending on my body temperature. It is entirely normal for me to go to sleep in pyjamas and socks under four layers of bedding, and wake up half-naked under two. Here, with one big duvet, I only have the choice of "clothes on" or "clothes off", which is not enough gradation.

Thirdly, the air is too dry. So I have trouble getting to sleep in the first place because my mouth is too dry (three or four of my medications all have 'dry mouth' as a side-effect), leading to a cycle of drinking water and needing to pee which goes on for a while before sleep occurs. Then while I'm asleep my nose swells up inside, and I end up breathing through my mouth, which leads to bizarre, usually horrible dreams. I have a lot of nightmares anyway, but there's nothing quite like waking up having a full-blown anxiety attack simply because of not breaking properly. Blargh.

Saline spray is wonderful, but it only works to rehydrate my nose when I'm awake enough to do the spraying. In cheap hotels, you can lay wet towels across the air conditioner, and that helps to keep the air moist, but this is a fancy-ass hotel and the air conditioning is a vent high on the wall. I remember the time I shared a room at an alt.polycon - can't remember which one - with Cally Soukup, who brought a portable humidifier to combat the air conditioning, and it was the Best Thing Ever. I wonder how she's doing? She was one of my few alt.poly friends who didn't make it over to livejournal. Say hi to her from me if you see her at a convention.

Whine whine whine.

Apart from hotel air conditioning, Montréal continues to be amazing. If [ profile] papersky ever invites you to the Jean-Talon Market, and you have any interest whatsoever in food, then go. Apparently it is only a quarter of its summer size right now, since the weather means that only the indoor parts were open, but we found vegan-friendly Turkish delight, and sorbet that tasted just like the fruit it was made from, and a tea shop with some very interesting blends. I could have bought many things there, since they had at least six varieties of white tea, which is my favourite, but settled for the Peach Blossom blend which smelled the best.

I had a buckwheat crêpe which was vegan, but rather boring since the stall owner only had butter as a possible fat to fry it in, so it was extremely dry. I should have opted for an apple crêpe with maple syrup, or cinnamon, sugar and lemon, rather than getting excited by the one labelled as "végétalienne". Well, you live and learn.

There was also an entire shop of sheep butter, cheese, lanolin, yarn etc (which [ profile] nitoda would love); a chocolate shop whose dark chocolate was dairy-free; a spice shop which had more dried chillis than I've ever seen together in one place, as well as an insanely large collection of different types of peppercorn; an organic hippy nonsense shop with vegan chocolate chip cookies (and vegan onion crackers?!); a great deal of charcuterie and seafood; and fruit and vegetables sold by the actual farmers who produce it. That's something which is entirely missing from my most local market in Kingston-upon-Thames: traceability. Anonymous stalls sell barely-fresh fruit and vegetables which could be from anywhere in the world. At least when I go to the supermarket, everything British-produced has a label on to tell me the name and location of the farm it came from.

I have been jealous of [ profile] mongoose_bite's tales of his local farmers' market for some months now, but having experienced a market like that in person, I now really need to find something like it in or near London. There must be one.

Might go out shopping for clothes or books later if I can face moving. A lot of shops here are oddly open until 9pm Monday to Friday, but only until 5 or 6pm on Saturdays (and Sundays). I understand closing early on Sundays, but it seems odd to be open until 9pm on slow nights like Monday and Tuesday, and then closing so early on a Saturday. It's not how central London works, anyway. I was wondering if it was because a lot of Catholics go to church on Saturday night ("to get it out the way") instead of Sunday morning, but I'm not sure how religious the city still is, despite all the churches around the place.

I've seen a couple of shops which claim to be for "sizes 14+", Addition-Elle and another one I've forgotten the name of which looked like mostly office wear. I wonder if either of them have jeans I can wear? Torrid in the US is great for finding me jeans, but they don't have branches here.
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-4 deg C with no wind is a perfectly reasonable temperature if you are wearing the appropriate gear.

-11 deg C with windchill is UNIMAGINABLY cold, so much so that I thought my eyeballs were going to freeze (even though I know it takes a much lower temperature for that to happen).

I thought the name "Montréal" was pronounced Mon - tré - al (with appropriate French syllables), but the people here pronounce it in French as "Mor - ré - al". The "t", and most of the "n", are entirely missing.

In English, it's pronounced the way you'd expect. So the same person talking about their city in two different languages pronounces the name of it differently. I suppose that's not particularly unusual - Paris springs to mind, but I'm used to cities where the name is actually different in the two languages, e.g. London / Londres.

The other oddity is that although you might think the city name comes from Mont Réal and therefore there's a mountain somewhere called that, it's actually called Mont Royal. Obviously, Réal is a corruption of Royal, but why did the city name change and the mountain name not? I need to look this up because it's bothering me!

There is a great abundance of vegan food. I have 23 restaurants on my list (printed out from HappyCow) and have been to 3 of them, but also the hotel is right next to Chinatown and anywhere that can do fried tofu with mixed vegetables and steamed rice is fine for me. I'm not a Level 5 vegan!

There is a low abundance of accessibility. I can go hardly anywhere by myself. A lot of shops have one big step outside - which does make sense in a city with large amounts of snowfall for several months of the year. Some others are arranged in an "upstairs/downstairs" manner, with five steps down to the basement shop and a flight of stairs up to the second floor shop. I found what looked like an awesome game shop, but the only way I could get into it would be if I was having a really energetic day and got Richard to wait outside with the wheelchair while I limped up the stairs.

For further inaccessibility, the official Montréal journey planner only includes metro and train, not bus. WTF? I suppose this is what you can expect of a city which only has 2 fully-accessible metro stations (plus a further 5 which are accessible with help), but WTF?! Many buses are accessible (e.g. every other bus on a route, or 2 out of 3), but that's no use if I can't figure out how to catch them! I found an unofficial journey planner, but it wouldn't recognise any address I entered, not even the examples given! Bah. I'll work it out myself with a bus map :(
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I was going to eat this frozen macaroni "cheese" thing for lunch. It's one of the only vegan ready meals that exists which is also close enough to food for me to be able to consider it. But I opened the packet and it had a 1.5 cm thick layer of ice crystals on top. This wasn't promising. Hacked that off, and found the pasta and sauce underneath was all freezer-burned. Tried to cook it anyway but it's completely dried out and inedible.

Obviously, my mum can take it back to the shop and complain, but SOMEONE has fucked up the storage of the frozen food somewhere along the line. I'm suspecting it's the shop where she bought it because I've had dubiously slushy, obviously melted and refrozen ice cream from there before. Bloody "health" food shops that can't manage to keep their freezers at the right temperature :/

So now I'm eating a bag of crisps and an apple and pretending this is lunch. My back and left leg hurt too much for any kind of cooking which involves more than sitting on a BEKVÄM stool while stuff heats in the microwave. Can't even manage pasta or rice today since I can't bend down to get a clean pan out of the cupboard or reach up to get a bag of carbohydrate product out of the other cupboard... Life would be so much easier if I didn't have all these food intolerances - but the Chronic Fatigue Clinic specialist (an immunologist) reckons they're due to the chronic fatigue anyway. Urgh.

Have to go to UCL for a conference tomorrow & Wednesday. Not looking forward to an early morning. Well, I'll get there as soon as my leg lets me.
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Also, I have been up for 2 hours longer than I meant to be, trying to extract information from the London 2012 website - which is a complete failure. The Olympics have happened, and yet there's STILL no information about what sort of food exists inside the various venues. Apart from McDonalds. Which I generally avoid for ethical reasons, such as the fact that most of what they sell isn't actually food.

Although I notice that the Deli Spicy Veggie Sandwich might well be vegan if served without the repulsive mayonnaise. The allergen information says it contains eggs, but the only egg I can find is in the "Cool Mayo". I might well email McDonalds and check, because there's avoiding McDonalds for ethical reasons on the one hand, and starving because Olympics officials didn't bother to consider vegans on the other. Oh, you can take in food as long as it's not an "excessive amount", but you're also only allowed to bring in "one soft-sided bag" (see here), so there's a limit to the amount of food that is feasible to carry. Given the number of extra layers I need to stay warm in the evenings, I'll be left with emergency protein bars and fruit...

If you want a real laugh, try Ask London 2012, for vague, meaningless answers. I've already clicked on the "I still need help" thing because of the uselessness of their "Can I bring an empty water bottle through security, and if so, will there be somewhere to refill it inside your venues?" question. Great, you can bring in a plastic bottle - up to what maximum size? The Download Festival information had wording like this, and we got there to find out that only 500 ml bottles were allowed. Which is bloody annoying for the carer of a disabled person who drinks a lot of water.
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I didn't actually get round to posting that I had arrived in Boston safely, but I figured that you'd know I was here from the lack of news about planes crashing horribly into the Atlantic. Here's my excuse: by the time I went to bed on Thursday night, I'd been up for 39 hours straight and I was losing the ability to do coherent English.

The journey was totally uneventful. Plane was only about 1/3 full, making me feel slightly guilty. I lay down across three seats and attempted to sleep, but couldn't. Even though I'm a short-arse, I still couldn't fit full-length across the seats, so I don't know how anyone ever manages it. Listened to music for the trip.

Arrived in Boston almost on-time, got myself across to the hotel on public transport, had an "amusing" time figuring out how I was supposed to get on the Red Line train at South Station - apparently you ask the driver for assistance. This is so totally unlike any UK train, where the driver hides in his or her cab for the whole trip and you never see them. The weather when I arrived was shockingly warmer than the weather at home and I thought this was Very Wrong, but then it started snowing. Yay.

[ profile] bitty and [ profile] bubblebabble came to pick me up and we went to Somerville to collect our wedding rings and see other jewellery and sculptures by the same artist. Feel free to guess which of the geeky rings on that site we went for, but I'm not actually going to tell anyone who doesn't already know until after the wedding :)

Then we went for dinner at Veggie Galaxy. It was good.

Yesterday I met [ profile] lilairen, for the first time since January 2005 - she is now accompanied by 2.5 year old offspring, who is very clearly a Geek Child :) We went to Pandemonium, a Local Independent Bookstore. I bought many books not available in the UK, including some by [ profile] papersky. Then we went for Chinese.

Later I met up with [ profile] treacle_well, and eventually acquired my roommates HoopyCat and [ profile] veryfineredwine, whose flights had been cancelled and rearranged several times in the space of 2 hours. (The flight they eventually got, leaving at 8 pm last night, was way superior to the original offering of a flight leaving today at 6.15 am and routing via Washington DC!). bitty and Arthur delivered them from the airport, and we had pizza from Peace o'Pie. I booted up the webcam and we talked to Richard over Skype, so it was like he was here with us.

Today I am supposed to be meeting up with Freezepop, but Sean is rehearsing with his other band Lifestyle, so arrangements are somewhat dependent on him. If I don't hear anything soon, I'll give them a call.
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Re: part 2 of this, I have had a discussion with several different people which may achieve mutual satisfactory resolution. More about that later. However, I am still stressed out of my little brain.

What is an appropriate method for someone who doesn't drink alcohol to achieve the feeling of "going to get very drunk"? Best I can think of so far is going to eat a large quantity of chocolate ice cream or mousse, but that doesn't feel special enough for the amount of stress that I need to dump. Especially as there isn't any REALLY GOOD vegan ice cream available here. (If I were in the US, I'd go to get one of those pots of Purely Delicious vegan gluten-free Cookie Dough and eat it until I no longer wanted to eat it - but here there really isn't anything that I don't have as dessert on a regular basis.)
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Eh. So, I sat down to work on some stuff for my cognitive behavioural therapy this evening, and instead spent something like 4 hours dealing with some epic wank online. Given how great my health and energy levels are, you can bet it wasn't the kind of wank that I had spare spoons to deal with - but I had to, because it was making me angry to the point of physically shaking.

I also found out what the weird thing that happens to me when I'm trying to get to sleep sometimes is called. A hypnic jerk or hypnagogic jerk, apparently. I was always worried that was some sort of seizure-type thing, but apparently it's completely benign and normal. However, it's more common in people with irregular sleep schedules.

My sleep schedule the past week has been completely fubar. I've been trying to get it sorted, but it's actually got worse. Joy and bliss! This may be due to the fact that I've run out of the high dose vitamin D capsules. I'm under the impression that I'm supposed to give it a few weeks and then have another blood test (so they can see what my vitamin D levels are when I'm not taking it as a supplement), but the pain in my legs is so freaking bad that I may have to start it up again to avoid screaming.

I've found another place that does vegan afternoon tea - this time with cream - and for only £9. Are you interested, [ profile] nitoda? The scones still look a bit flat, but the cakes are impressive.

Right... back to my worksheets on "Overcoming Avoidance". (Yes, really).
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So tired today. Have various things to talk about but very little energy with which to do it. This is a perpetual problem at the moment, though.

Richard was away in Paris doing paintball things over the weekend, so I had a visiting [ profile] fluffymormegil and [ profile] rowan_leigh. They were very useful for helping me, especially on Friday when Rowan took me shopping without any prior introduction to the wheelchair from hell and Kingston's stupidly-sloped pavements! Somehow I managed to wake up a bit after noon several days in a row.

Then when Richard got back on Monday, we went up to London. I dropped into College briefly, gave in the doctor's letter that I should have given in months ago, returned some library books, and saw both my supervisors. Then we went to Vx, where I bought some protein bars and cakes, including a mille feuille that fell into the "If I wasn't eating this in a vegan shop I wouldn't believe it could be vegan" category! (OM NOM NOM). Then we went to Foyles, to see the piranha and buy chemistry books. And finally to Chutney's where I had what I always have: thali number 3, vegan.

Then on Tuesday I slept, haha. Until the College Disability people phoned me, and suddenly decided that I need to get NEW Medical Evidence NOW so I can get more help next term. I don't feel well enough to deal with paperwork, and I'm not even certain that I'll be well enough to go back next term (at the beginning of May); but if I don't go back then I can't go back until September, which I think would be too long. Argh. Too tired. They're right - with all the many bank holidays I need to get the paperwork going a.s.a.p., but I don't have enough brain. Will try to make a start on it tomorrow.


Jan. 25th, 2010 07:18 pm
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I have bought a Magical Bag of Panda Squee! Not from this website, but it's the same product. A PandaRama bag, size Medium, by Morn Creations. It is the cutest thing ever.

The company is really going for the veg*n market, because they refuse to use animal products as part of their advocacy towards endangered species.
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Also, because I was feeling so wretched and lonely, we actually went out on New Year's Eve! This is a big thing if you consider that a) I don't celebrate new year at this time of year, b) the horrendous train journey we had 3 years ago.

I wanted to go out for dinner to my favourite vegan (indeed, *favourite*) restaurant, 222, for several reasons - not least of all that they're within easy reach of Clapham Junction station (train takes 8 minutes) and both of the parties I was aware of are also reached via CLJ. But 222 turned out to be closed. Or at least not answering the phone on several occasions, which given that they usually pick up within 4 rings rather implied closure... So I came up with plan B to go to my second-favourite vegan restaurant, inSpiral, where they do lasagna to die for! But although they were open, they were turning into a loud hippy-music disco at 10pm, and it was just before 8 when we left the house. We then got stuck at Wimbledon for half an hour due to "a fight" on the train where "blood had been spilled" and "police were in attendance". By the time we got to Waterloo, it was 8.52pm and the likelihood of getting up to Camden in time for food seemed slim to none. So we ended up going with plan C, which was our favourite Indian vegetarian restaurant, Chutney's, near Euston. We had potato bonda (mashed potato fried in chickpea flour), aloo tikki chat without yogurt (fried potato on chickpea curry), vegan thali C (a mixed platter of vegetable curries with lentil dhal, rice and breads) and some sort of dosa (didn't pay attention as I wasn't eating it). Om nom nom.

Then we went to [ profile] hatter & [ profile] bfo's party, which was relatively quiet with only a few guests. We got there just in time for the fireworks, for which I was equipped with earplugs (to block out noise) and a scarf (to block out smoke), and by standing well upwind and further away than everyone else I almost enjoyed them! We didn't really know any of the other people there, but had met one of them a few times before, and everyone was nice except one guy who was obnoxiously drunk. He went to sleep on the floor fairly early on, so after that it was fine. Also one guy called Mike seemed to be a clone of [ profile] mjl - had the same sort of nose, face and voice, and the same sense of humour. It was scary! The night bus home was actually fairly pleasant (!) - no one talking loudly, fighting or exuding bodily fluids. So that was good, and my social bar is no longer bleeding red (joke only makes sense to people who play The Sims).

And today we went to 222 and had the meal we would have had on New Year's Eve had they been open. Today it was asparagus soup, garlic bread, carrot tart with roast potatoes, broccoli and tomato sauce (for me), tofu medallion spaghetti (for Richard), apricot and almond cake (for me) and apple crumble (for Richard). Om nom nom, again.
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I LOVE NEW YORK!! In the 10 or so hours since arriving, I have eaten: one delicious soy burger, "smashed" potatoes, a fizzy grape drink made with real grape juice and sugar, a fresh vegan chocolate chip cookie, lemonade made with actual lemons, falafel with hummous and unlimited salad, and a chocolate cupcake top. The falafel was particularly exciting because it was from a branch of Maoz that I did not previously know existed, hence meaning that I have now been to a Maoz in five different major cities (Amsterdam, London, Paris, Madrid and New York). This is probably only exciting if you're me. Then we went to Babycakes and bought 2 x spelt chocolate cupcakes, 2 x spelt lemon cupcakes and 2 x gluten-free brownies with vanilla frosting and chocolate chips. Mmmm. They are all safely in the fridge, although I am thinking of going to make friends with one of them now.

In negotiating the puzzling New York subway system we accidentally went to Brooklyn ("Are we supposed to be crossing the river?" said Richard), but eventually made it to the Whole Foods at Union Square (not the closest one to where we're staying but the one I know the location of). There I went beserk with delight but still only acquired a small fraction of the vegan cakes, cookies and sweets they sell. I stocked up on the amazing Sweet & Sara vegan marshmallows that you can get here (they claim to have a best before date, but actually I've kept them in the fridge for over a year - rationing myself one at a time in cases of dire emergency!), including Smores made with vegan marshmallow - for Brits, think Wagon Wheels only with a thick digestive biscuit base and proper thick dark chocolate. You can probably heat it for the authentic campfire feel), some more brownies with peanut butter this time, Very Vanilla Silk soy milk and the Mori-Nu Tofu Mates stuff that makes unbelievable vanilla cream when whipped with tofu. I also discovered that a hand cream that I pay UK £12.99 for at home is US $8.99 here!!! I have nowhere near finished shopping, but we can't carry half of Whole Foods from New York to Boston and then back home. It's not practical. Though... I wonder about shipping non-perishables by post? Hmmm.

We have also done the obligatory tourist gawping. Richard has some awesome skyscraper shots that will go online sometime (he has a "proper" camera with tons of lens and actually knows how to use it). Despite having seen the Rockefeller Center's vile golden gilt statue in my photos, he still almost died seeing it for real. We went to the Nintendo World store (as disappointing as ever) and found a Sanrio store of great dangerousness. I managed not to buy anything there but it was difficult because I kept seeing "ideal presents" for various friends! Also it is on our way from the hostel to the subway, so I think some purchases may sneak their way in.

Now Richard is passed out on the bed next to me, sleeping with his mouth open. I'm stupidly tired, of course, due to less than an hour's sleep last night, only fitful sleep on the plane and tons and tons of walking today, but I'm not quite able to sleep yet. Going to drink some vanilla milk and take the rest of my tablets. Good night :)
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Today featured way too much stress for my liking, but it improved as the day went on. Bus fiasco with a happy ending. )

I saw a clone of [ profile] artremis in the Costa in the Waterstones near college. This was somewhat alarming as Ludys are known for their liking of both coffee and books, and I often go to Costa and/or Waterstones with the real Ludy. The clone-grrl was the same height as Ludy and had the same shape & size face, neck, breasts and hips! She also wore similar clothes (a Uniqlo top and cotton tomboy trousers with pull-tabs to tighten them over the hips). She had the same colour and style of hair, but it was flat rather than spiky, and had rectangular glasses, but hers had normal lenses rather than pink. Also her skin was a tone darker than Ludy's. Nonetheless, it was a really good resemblance and I couldn't help staring! If I'd had any photos of Ludy on my phone, I would have said "You look just like my girlfriend" and asked to take a photo of her in return; but as it was I couldn't prove that I wasn't a complete nutter trying to take photos of strangers to perve over. So I didn't say anything. She ordered a small cappuccino, which was just as well, as if it had been a medium Fairtrade vanilla latte I might just have died of shock!

Later this evening, Richard & I went for dinner with [ profile] pir, who we have not seen in far too long. When my course is over, I need to spend the summer going round seeing all the friends I have here in London that I haven't had time to see in months or years! I have satiated both my desire-for-gadgets and concern-for-the-environment by buying the iPod he wasn't using, which is Reuse of existing electronics and therefore even better than Recycling. And now I will have music wherever I go without running down my stupid mobile phone battery. I will have to buy a new phone soon because the one I have just doesn't work properly, but I'll have to deal with the guilt about that later. No time for it now. 

And, in case you care, I got 93% on my mass spec coursework, which is another A+ to add to my collection. I think I'm going to have to remember how much I rock, because I really am very stressed about these exams now.
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Yet again we couldn't be bothered to cook, so Richard went to Wagamama to get us dinner. When he got home we proceeded to have a fight because Wagamama gave me the right meal on the wrong noodles - they gave me the standard wheat noodles with egg instead of the vegan rice noodles I'd asked for, and I was annoyed that he hadn't checked that they'd got it right. (I'm used to people messing up my special requests). But then he opened his chicken tama rice and found it had NO CHICKEN - it's just onions and courgette. And we discovered this at 22:55 when Wagamama close their kitchen at 22:50. So we have to go back tomorrow and get our money back.

Whoever made this order should BE SHOT. The guy on the till did it all correctly - mine is down as a saien soba on rice noodle, no onion, and that's what's stapled to the lid of the box. It's just not what's IN the box. Oddly, I was much less angry with Richard once we discovered that his meal was messed up too. HOW can you forget the chicken in a chicken tama rice?

And he went round to Domino's and got us pizza, which is not really what I wanted but at least means I am not a starving, ravenous wolfy. So we are all friendly again :)
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Went to the London Vegan Festival on Sunday. Saw [ profile] friend_of_tofu, [ profile] alextiefling and [ profile] darkfloweruk there. IT WAS VERY BUSY! So much so that when I arrived (3 pm) they were having to count people in and out of the venue due to having exceeded capacity. Wow. Got some amazing (bilingual!) maple syrup chocolates from hipo hyfryd, some less than 1% fat but still tasty fake meat from Yagga, and various other odds and ends. Was somewhat taken aback that none of the people selling cakes had BOXES to put them in. Am I really the only person who could drop £10 at a time on cupcakes to take home and share with all my friends? Next time, will be armed with reusable plastic tubs.

Currently feeling a bit eurgh. Basically ok but snotty. Not sure if I'm going down with some virus or simply have a lot of allergies at the moment. So, the Alanis Morrisette-style irony is that I desperately need to clean my house, because it's dusty as anything and I am severely allergic to dust mite poo, but am in the worst possible state to tackle such a chore because I'm already all wheezy and sticky-eyed. Think I will be fluttering sticky eyelashes at Richard tonight and saying "Wuzzie, can you do some vacuuming please?". (Wuzzie contributions to housework haven't been happening so much lately because he is still trying to work two full-time jobs. Hmm.)

Am having a minor attack of wibbling and flailing because I have an interview at Birkbeck College at 6pm on Thursday. The timing is awesome, because even given how exhausted I've been the past week or so, I will be properly awake by then. Also it is with the member of staff that I got on fantastically well with at the open day. Nonetheless, it is still An Interview and thus still Scary, and I still have Fear that he will ask me chemistry-related questions to which I go "Uhhh..." and look like an idiot. Should really get offline and do some revision...
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This is a very abbreviated list of eateries limited by:
a) proximity to where we're staying
b) proximity to somewhere we'll be going during the day
c) menu.
My mum doesn't like meat, so vegan restaurants with 101 seitan steaks and no dishes for people who like eating vegetables don't really appeal. Also, she can't eat mushrooms and doesn't much care for peppers or courgettes (zucchini), which is what many of the vegetable dishes seem to consist of (because they're New World vegetables?). And, much as I like good healthy veggie dishes, I have a strong fondness for "I can't believe it's vegan!"-style 'junk' food.

Restaurants & Cafes I really want to go to:Read more... )

I hope to hear from [ profile] redbird & [ profile] rosefox (and anyone else who lives in NY that I missed) about meeting up.
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I am researching options for places I can eat in Las Vegas. There isn't a whole lot of choice. However, there is apparently a DONUT STORE which is entirely vegetarian and 70% of items are vegan. WE MUST GO THERE!!!

Ronald's Donuts
4600 W Spring Mountain Rd, Las Vegas, Nevada (89102) (at Decatur)

Who at alt.polycon is going to have a car with them? Apparently, if you're from out of town you can phone and they'll make up a huge box for you. Mmm.6 more restaurants under the cut. )
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Also, do I know anybody who actually likes Zest Vegan Pesto? It is "pesto" in which the only correct ingredient is basil. Apart from that, it has walnuts & cashew nuts (no pine nuts?), white wine vinegar (why?), apple juice (?!) and sunflower oil instead of olive oil. I detest sunflower oil because to me, it smells rancid even when fresh. I have this problem with the oil itself and with sunflower margarines - I much, much prefer rapeseed (canola), which smells buttery when fresh and like rancid butter when rancid.

Richard bought some "by accident" today. Well, we've run out of the stock of the lovely vegan pesto from Whole Foods, and he's never been to Whole Foods to know a) where the shop is or b) where in the shop the pestos are. It's kinda big, and it has a LOT of different types of pesto, and I had visions of him being sent to High Street Kensington and never seen again. So he went to the Fresh & Wild in Piccadilly-somewhere near work, and bought the only pesto that was obviously vegan - and it's this vile one which I told him never to buy again. Admittedly, the last time we bought it was was going on 5 years ago, and they've changed the shape of the jar since then.

We can't return it, because I opened the lid to check whether it was still as vile as I remembered - and almost threw up with the smell. And Richard put a clean teaspoon in and stirred it, then tasted a bit (but didn't put the spoon back in the jar). Neither of us wish to eat this alleged foodstuff. But there may be people out there who actually... *shudder*.... enjoy it, and if so I would love to put the jar in the post to them so it will no longer be in our house.

I make this offer sound so appealing, don't I? :D


Dec. 18th, 2007 11:52 pm
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Someone on [ profile] uk_vegans posted about a vegan restaurant called Rootmaster. It's a restaurant - in a converted Routemaster bus! *dies of squeeing*

I have been a London Transport geek since at least 1994, and frankly, the idea of a restaurant in a bus is too happy-making for words. Also, the menu looks most delicious, especially the desserts (always the most important part of the meal, and something that is often neglected for vegans due to obsession with dairy products). Sadly, Brick Lane is far too far to go to on a regular basis, being well over an hour away from here on a good train day. (Why is London so big?). But I still want to go there, and soon.

Who wants to join me?


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