Aug. 9th, 2017 07:55 pm
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I have woken up with the plague, which frankly is not a surprise given the amount of stress I've been under lately. Given that I've been coughing and sneezing since Sunday but blaming it on hay fever, I've likely been fighting this virus for a while already. So I've called Virgin and rearranged my travel from Thursday afternoon to Saturday morning, in the hope I should be better by then. Or at least, not actively woozy and feverish.

I have emailed BiCon Bookings to tell them that I will not be arriving on Thursday due to lurgy, but will be there on Saturday.

I'm sure I'm doing something wrong here. Aren't you supposed to catch the BiCon crud at BiCon?
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Today I have been ADULTING like a PRO. I called the Student Loans Company about the threatening letter which they sent me. To be fair, I have an income-contingent student loan, and they received information from the Inland Revenue to say that I was no longer employed, so they wanted to know where I got my income from, on the basis that I might be secretly earning a small fortune and secreting it away somewhere.

I still have to fill in the damned form, but at least they know that I called them and I'm not trying to avoid paying back the loan.

I also called EDF Energy to get moved onto a fixed-rate tariff that will cost £76 per month instead of the variable-rate tariff which costs £100 per month which we have been on because I didn't have the spoons to deal with it before. Now I am drenched in sweat and I don't think it's only because of the weather.

Why is adulting so exhausting? I mean, neurotypical non-depressed people manage it all the time.

Alexa thinks it's because of tuits/spoons. Adulting uses lots, and they have more of them. I think that explains how they're able to do it more easily, but it doesn't explain why it should take so many bleedin' spoons to do pretty straightforward tasks. I mean, it shouldn't be that difficult to either call or go through the website to change your energy tariff, when you're already being a lazy git and staying with the same energy company because you don't have the energy to start looking around for better deals. But apparently it is? (Actually, I did forget you could do it through the website. That would have made it a lot easier.)

I also still have to deal with Student Finance England and my university, but this also requires dealing with my doctor. I need proof that I've been too sick to be studying for the past year as well as proof that I am now recovered enough to go back. It's a bit too much considering I've been revoltingly ill with bronchitis for the past couple of weeks. I have recovered enough to only need double my usual asthma meds, rather than 6-8 times my usual dose plus oral steroids. But I've only been out of the house 5 times since 14th June, and two of those were doctor's appointments.

Blargh blargh blargh. So much ill. So little energy.
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I'm pretty certain I have flu. This is despite having had a flu jab in October. I've been ill since Friday night with a temperature that stays over 38.0 deg C (about 100 deg F) despite taking paracetamol/acetaminophen to bring it down. I am coughing, sneezing, and aching all over, and over the weekend I also had nausea, vomiting, and diarrhoea. The digestive issues have mostly settled down now, but everything else is still present.

Woke up this morning with a temperature of 39.7 deg C (103.5 deg F) and considered calling the doctor or pharmacist because I was so very out of it that I felt scared. But half an hour after taking paracetamol, my temperature was a 'mere' 39.2, so clearly paracetamol was still managing to be antipyretic. I woke up later feeling absolutely freezing and was convinced that my fever had broken, but it was still 38.3 deg C. Eww.

The problem with paracetamol is that it's hepatotoxic enough that you can only take 4 doses a day; which considering it wears off after 5 to 5.5 hours, doesn't cover the entire 24 hour day too well. If I could take NSAIDs then I'd alternate paracetamol with ibuprofen, but NSAIDs make me stop breathing, which would likely be worse than having a fever :P

Have texted my parents and Tim & Peter to cancel Christmas. Apparently flu is contagious for 7 days after symptoms start, or longer if you have a bad immune system, so I will still be contagious on Friday. And frankly, I don't wish this on anyone. I'm nowhere near as ill as I would have been if I hadn't had the vaccination, but I still feel worse than I typically do for a cold - ill enough that I wish I could just sleep until it's gone.

At this point, I am actually glad that Grant is having to work all over Christmas and New Year, since it would be horrible to have him visiting while I'm this bloody sick. I just hope that Richard doesn't catch it. He's coughing his lungs out, but then he's been coughing since the last cold he had about a month ago.
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Urgh. I feel so ill. Felt like I might be going down with something on Thursday and have progressed through the various stages of a cold ever since. Made the mistake of going out for dinner on Sunday evening, and since then have also had a raging fever and severe aching as well. Not happy.

Also, my laptop charger is now so broken that it only charges if it's in one very precise orientation. (The laptop and battery are both fine, I had them checked over by the Apple Store a couple of months ago, when this first started). Since a new one costs £60, I have emailed my university Disability Office to ask whether I can just buy it from the Apple Store (10 minutes away!) and claim the cost back, or if Student Finance England are going to be wankers and expect me to wait until one of their official Disabled Students' Allowance suppliers can get one to me. I rather suspect that the latter will be the case, and it's anyone's guess whether I will actually achieve an 85W MagSafe power supply for 15" MacBook Pro made before 2010, or whether I'll be sent one of the other wattages, or an 85W MagSafe 2 power supply, or... Who knows. (Also, I think I might need to fill in a DSA form for next academic year. I can't remember if I've done one yet).

Also also, I put in a repeat prescription yesterday with a request for 5 items, and only 4 of them were dispensed. There is no indication as to why the fifth one wasn't, it hasn't run out of repeats yet, and I even wrote in large, bright blue letters on the first page "5 items on form". It's megadose folic acid, which every so often I think I don't need, stop taking for a couple of days, and then have a horrible mood crash and end up crying my eyes out for several hours whilst wishing I was dead. I have 2 days supply left, so I need to ring the doctor's surgery and say "Oy", but I have no spoons left at all.

Also cubed, one of the Important Drugs on my repeat prescription is going to run out within the next 8 days. Therefore I need to make a doctor's appointment. Currently I am too sick to leave the house, and certainly too sick to sit in a room full of other sick people and swap germs. Urgh.

Also to the power of 4, I need to talk to my next-door neighbours about smoking right outside the front door, rather than passive-aggressively closing the window whenever smoke blows in :/ That definitely requires spoons :(

In happier news, I watched Dara O Briain's Science Club on BBC iPlayer yesterday and it's amazing. They report science news in a reasonably non-patronising way, and do lots of little experiments during the programme itself, in all areas of science. I'm mildly amused because one of the presenters is someone I knew at Imperial, a guy called Alok Jha. He looks absolutely the same as he did then, which isn't bad considering he's claiming to be 37. (I don't think he can be, since I'm sure he was a third year when I was a first year, and I don't think he would have gone to uni aged 16... But maybe I'm misremembering).

Everyone say "Happy birthday" to my dear ex-girlfriend [ profile] artremis tomorrow, because she's awesome, and I have failed to get a card to her due to the aforementioned sickness and blergh. She likes bunnies, knitting, coffee, and plushies, so if you can find pictures of knitted bunny plushies drinking coffee, that might work well.
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I'm about 80% recovered from the cold or flu virus that I had. Still have a horrendous cough that won't go away, and still have an unhappy tummy, but haven't thrown up again. Got my hair washed on Saturday, although I very abruptly ran out of spoons halfway through, so it's cleaner than it was but not as clean as I'd like it to be.

However, I've been oddly anxious/depressed since Sunday night. I don't know why I should be emotionally wobbly just as the weather's improving. I'm sure it's unrelated. I do have something to be anxious about, so perhaps it's that manifesting in my subconscious. Need to get myself sorted out since the College term starts again on Monday.

Tomorrow I have two hospital appointments at different hospitals, and since my usual local friend with a car is busy, it will necessitate the use of my father. Yay.


Apr. 11th, 2013 09:24 pm
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I feel as though I'm completely and utterly in the wars at the moment. Not only do I still have that virus (although the symptoms have shifted and I'm clearly getting better), but I managed to hurt my right shoulder and upper arm in my sleep on Tuesday night! So I woke up far too early and spent the whole of Wednesday in pain :( Again, it's better than it was, but not fixed.

And rather nasty digestive TMI. )

I feel repulsive because I haven't washed my hair in about 2 weeks (it needed a wash just when I started going down with this), nor had a bath since last Thursday. I just can't because I can't control my body temperature when I'm ill like this.

And I called Richard to get him home early because I didn't feel well and needed him here, and the trains are fucked. Emergency engineering work is taking place between Waterloo and Vauxhall, AND signalling problems at Clapham Junction, AND a customer being taken ill at Earlsfield. Amazingly, that screws up both the fast (main) line and the slow (suburban) line at once! I swear I've never actually seen both lines messed up at the same time in all the years I've lived in this area.
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Urgh. Sick. So very sick. I thought I was ill yesterday when I woke up with a temperature of 38.4 deg C, which only reduced to 37.9 after liberal application of delicious antipyretic paracetamol. (I'm gargling with the soluble type to try to soothe my poor throat.) But I woke up just now with a temperature of 38.7 deg C, or 101.7 deg F.

This isn't the illest I've been ever, nor is it even the illest I've ever been as an adult. (The kidney infection where I was peeing blood & the triage nurse measured my temperature & blood pressure then whisked me immediately back for treatment has to count for that). But my nose is streaming & my ears have whooshing noises in them all the time & my sinuses, neck, shoulders, and legs ache non-stop & my throat hurts & I have a horrid post-nasal drip cough & I'm not hungry. My current belief, although Richard who is ill with the same thing doesn't agree with me, is that this is flu which wasn't one of the strains in the flu jab. But Richard thinks it's just a bad cold & I'm only this ill "because I'm me". Hmm.
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So I had the choice of three different End of the World barnights/birthday drinkies/Christmas drinkies parties tonight, at three different pubs in central London. And instead I am at home ragingly ill with a cold. Probably caught from going to see The Wildhearts on Monday and freezing my tits off on the way home (despite a pair of leggings, a pair of jeans over the top, legwarmers over those, thick winter boots, a mesh top, two t-shirts, a thick hoody, a big winter's coat, a scarf, hat, and gloves - and then borrowing one of Richard's hoodies as a blanket!).

It's the sort of relatively low-level infection that, if I were otherwise healthy, I probably wouldn't be bothered by at all. As it is, it's enough to turn me from "coping" to "non-functional". Sigh. Haven't been able to get my blood test done because too ill to leave the house. Have to do that next week.

In other news, I finally like the story that I've been writing with Someone who can make themselves known if they want to. It doesn't suck anywhere near as much as it did last night, since he fixed the bits that weren't working and just generally improved the dialogue and characterisation. I made a couple of minor corrections today, as soon as my brain was working, and yeah. It's done.

Mildly NSFW, though not very. )

Update: Eeee! Someone on the Skyrim Kink Meme specifically requested me to write her Not Porn! Snuggly friendship fic between my two characters before they were lovers! Eeee! I'm famous! :D
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Blargh. Have basically done nothing for over a week. Was ill, went to the doctor, otherwise stayed in bed or lay around on the sofa. There's nothing quite like having a nasty virus while it's the time when a woman bleeds for a week but doesn't die. My evil gall bladder decided to start poking me again, for several days, but I refused to give in to its demands. (Gall bladders are remarkably sensitive to oestrogen levels - it's why it's stereotypically "women" and "fat people" who get gall bladder problems. I knew the pain would sod off once I was past that point in my cycle). Read a few books, played a lot of Oblivion. No functioning brain for anything else. My sleep patterns have become well and truly inverted.

And fixing them is hard, because it is Too Dark. Hilariously, the UK and Europe are still in "summer time" (or daylight savings, as the Americans call it). Australia is in "summer time", it doesn't make any logical sense for us Northern Hemispherans to be as well!

Tomorrow I have "volunteered" myself to be in College for 1pm, since it's the only time in the whole week that Philip is available to demonstrate the technique I need to use for the next part of my synthesis. Hooray - I love getting up in the morning! (Yes, it will be morning - I'll have to be up by 11.30am at the absolute latest to get in on time). I also really hope that none of my chemicals have decomposed sitting around for a couple of weeks waiting for me to get in and finish the synthesis. They're supposed to be stable, but I have no proof of that. Urgh.

It's officially Time To Start Using the Lightbox. I'm charging it right now.


Oct. 3rd, 2012 12:38 am
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I've been fighting random snottiness since Thursday last week. Snotty, and feeling ill, without BEING ill.

Well, as of now, I have a temperature of 37.7 deg C in both ears, which is 99.9 deg F. As close as damnit to 100 deg F, which is the point at which you're officially too ill to have a flu jab.

And guess what I have booked for Saturday?

Dear body, please sort yourself out, no love, h-l.
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Oh gods. I've been knocked out with horrendous sleep patterns from hell and non-restorative sleep for over a week now. Couldn't tell if it was chronic fatigue or depression or both, or something else. I've also had a profoundly unhappy belly since Friday night. (Bad enough on Saturday morning that I almost phoned our Saturday evening visitors to tell them not to bother coming, due to the high possibility of TMI - but then it cleared up a bit). Being me, I couldn't be sure if any of this was an illness or if it was some sort of new, "exciting", additional symptom of my existing chronic stuff. (I have been, quite honestly, going through everything I've eaten and checking to make sure nothing's changed in the formulation, and worrying that I might have developed a New Food Intolerance).

However, in the last half-hour I've acquired a fever, sore throat, and swollen glands - which is oddly cheering, since if I have to be ill, I much prefer being ill with an infection that will go away given time, than with vague nebulous symptoms of doom. Unfortunately, it's also desperately bad timing, with BiCon starting on Friday and my train ticket fixed for Thursday lunchtime. Given the type of fare I bought, I dread to think how much it'll cost to change it to go up later.

I'm hoping that whatever this is started early enough that I'll just have a few days of vileness now, and then it'll clear up, and I'll be free from infection come BiCon. But judging by how I feel right now, there's really no guarantee that I'll make it at all.

I'll, er, keep you informed.


Aug. 31st, 2011 06:46 pm
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Dear Immune System,

I would quite like to have stopped sneezing by the time I arrive at BiCon tomorrow. Please be sorting this out.

No love,

Dear Rest of You,

If I arrive at BiCon pre-lurgified, do I have to wear a bell round my neck with a sign saying "Unclean!"? I hope not, as that Is Not My Kink.

h-l   x

More seriously, I would like to pre-arrange to have dinner with some of you - my spoon levels aren't up to cooking for myself every night, even without a cold. I would especially be interested in getting off-campus at least one night (to an Indian restaurant that knows what vegans are, perhaps?). Any volunteers? There are three nights: Thursday, Friday & Saturday.
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Apologies for not posting anything in ages again. I have even more half-written posts now!

Last week I had a cold, and the snot has continued most of this week. Blah.

Portal 2 is eating my life. Also I am doing cognitive behavioural therapy about my sleep problems, which may help in the long run.

Must post the interesting links that are cluttering up my browsers. All of them. I have five different Firefox profiles, and they're all cluttered with stuff that I'm saving - even the one called "start blank"!

Tomorrow I'm going to the Oxford not-a-BiFest. Wasn't sure if I was going to be well enough because of the snot, but today was a gloriously sunny day and I have been outside for lots of it. I will be having Fun With Trains, since the most sensible route becomes Railway Replacement Buses at 8pm, and they are not guaranteed to be accessible. So I have to come home by a different route to the one that I'm going up on. Fortunately, it isn't too insane. In booking my Assisted Travel I managed to convince them that Oxford --> Basingstoke --> Surbiton was vastly preferable to Oxford --> Basingstoke --> Clapham Junction --> Norbiton, considering I can just get a bus or taxi home from Surbiton. Going back up to Clapham Junction and down again would add about 45 minutes onto the journey. But I was still on the phone for about 35 minutes, which is ridiculous compared to the amount of effort it takes to book a journey if you can do stairs. (In fact, most people wouldn't even bother to prebook a journey of this type, given that 2/3 of the trains are ordinary commuter trains). Hmm.

I also have a new phone, as mentioned recently - an HTC Desire Z. Now I need recommendations for Android apps for:
  • a good livejournal client (something like Semagic on Windows would be awesome - Xjournal on Mac OS X is usable but nasty).
  • a notepad-type program (emailing or texting myself seems a bit stupid in most circumstances when I could simply tap in a note).
  • an irc client that can handle multiple servers at once.
  • Anything else which I "must" get.

What a disjointed post! Oh well.
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Merry Christmas to all who celebrate it. I have been Ill and have not left the house since last Friday. It seems that wretched snot diseases are going round. Not sure whether this is a very bad cold, or flu modified by having had the flu jab, but it's nasty nonetheless.

I haven't managed to send Christmas cards to anyone due to a combination of my literature report and illness. I didn't even manage to buy Richard a Christmas card. So I drew him one instead. It's us in fuzzy animal form, with dino. I hope you like it.

Here are your Christmas presents:
Cute Explosion from Weebl's Stuff. Excessively adorable video with a catchy song... and a moral?

"Oh Come All Ye Faithful" by Twisted Sister. What? Glam Metal version of hymns, definitely recommended ;)

Hyperbole and a Half: The Alot is Better Than You at Everything.

Will write more when I have energy again.
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Today I have been trying to get some work done after having procrastinated for TOO LONG. I got to the point where I hadn't done academic work for so long that I had The Fear about starting again. I have been and still am ill, with some sort of virus - I half-wrote but never got round to posting a discussion of whether it is Epstein-Barr again (bloody thing comes back whenever your immune system is a bit low) or "just" a killer cold, but whatever it is has been totally wiping me out. I've been ill for three weeks now, and am only just now breathing well enough to have some semblance of my normal energy level. Also, Not Breathing Well Makes You Stupid (copyright [ profile] artremis), so for two of these past three weeks I really couldn't think at all.

The thing about being behind on work is that in order to start again, I need to get to that magical point where the fear of what will happen if I don't do the work is higher than the fear of what will happen if I do. It's paralysing until then, which is why there's fairly weighty psychology behind the idea of "tell yourself you'll do 10 minutes and then stop". It's the initial activation energy of getting going that's the problem, not the work itself. It's doubly ironic in that explaining science things is one of my favourite activities, and I actually like and enjoy this particular subject! (In an intellectual sense, of course - I don't like the concept of horrible genetic disorders).

I am also still annoyed that, as usual, the university authorities are dishonest as to the true reason why I have to write the first chapter of my PhD thesis now. They are claiming it solely as an assessment exercise, but it's clear that isn't the full story. More likely, it's because every year, hundreds of PhD students fail to complete because they don't write up their theses, because they look at the blank computer screen and go into a wild frothing panic of procrastination. I suppose they think if we have to write a report every year, then the final thesis is just combining the existing reports and writing a bit more on top, and therefore it's much more likely that we'll finish. I would like it so much better if they admitted that was the reason - not least of all because it would give reassurance to those of us with anxiety problems, for whom every report is as difficult as the first.

...I think I shall feed that back through the Anxiety and Depression Group and see if it can get pointed out to any highers-up.
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Yes, I have actually been dead. I'm getting better though.

I've had some sort of virus which would probably have been incredibly minor in a healthy person - in an Interesting Science Experiment sort of way, I've managed to infect Richard, and he is basically carrying on with life as normal apart from coughing a bit and sucking throat lozenges. But with all my other health stuff, it's knocked me out since Sunday night. I've been asleep a lot of the time, having hideous snot attacks, and asthma.Today's the first day I've been well enough to look at the computer for more than 5 minutes at a time - although I'm feeling exhausted and headachy just from reading livejournal for an hour.

Although now that I'm starting to get better from the cold, my period would have to start. Argh. At least I can be comforted by the fact that there is something worse than period pain and a miserable cold at the same time - and that is period pain, a miserable cold and gallstone pain! Been there, done that, very glad my gallstones are mostly all dissolved now :)

Also glad that when I called the GP's surgery on Friday at 9.30am to ask when my doctor would next be in, they offered me an appointment at 4.10pm. THIS IS UNHEARD OF! Normally getting a same-day appointment with my doctor requires phoning on the dot of 8.30am when appointments open, and ideally physically going to the surgery to queue. He's given me this stuff called Baclofen which is a muscle relaxant, and is working wonderfully on the pain I've had for a couple of months from chronic hyperventilation/fatigue. It's not addictive and is safe for use in WAY higher doses (I'm taking 5mg a day, and the maximum dose used in severe spasticity is 100mg a day), so I can basically take it until I don't need it any more.

I just wish I'd known years ago that a drug actually existed that could alleviate my chronic pain, because I've spent years with the only known treatments being rest, strapping, and hot baths - none of them particularly effective. At least now I know enough biochemistry to appreciate what a GABA agonist is.

The biggest problem I have right now is that my sleep patterns have become completely inverted, again. I went to bed fairly early on Sunday night because I was exhausted (where "fairly early" for a night owl-type person is before 2 am), and then didn't wake up properly until 8pm. Then couldn't get to sleep before 8am, and now I'm just on this totally backward sleep cycle of waking up at 8pm and falling asleep at 8am. Hrm. I need to get it sorted because it's BiCon next weekend and I'd quite like to not be asleep throughout the entire day.

Have a lot more stuff to talk about, but I need to get off the computer now because my head is too icky. Hopefully write more tomorrow.


Dec. 9th, 2009 06:18 pm
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Urgh. Am so ill right now. Sore throat from hell, coughing my lungs up, severe snot, EAR PAIN (argh!) and wheezing. Extremely thankful that I still have most of a box of soluble paracetamol from the last throat infection I had - gargling with it has helped the pain a lot.

Sorry to anyone I breathed on at BU last night :X

I think I need to fire my immune system and buy a new one on eBay. Seriously, I have been ill on and off for three weeks now. It's not acceptable! Either that, or I need to not see students when they're ill, because I inevitably catch it...
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Well, I'm home. Many thank yous to my lovely hosts, [ profile] jinian & [ profile] hattifattener and [ profile] leback & Alexei. Also to their various cats: Dizzy, Bat & Squeak, and Jasmine, Mischa & Tofu, who did not meow all night and keep me awake, jump on me while I was fast asleep, or put all their weight unexpectedly on my bladder. In fact, I successfully shared a bed with Jasmine for an entire night, and only woke up sneezing because of the cold I already knew I had. It may be that I am no longer allergic to cats; either that, or my current allergy meds are good enough to deal with the allergy. Hooray! 

I currently feel absolutely rotten. While in the US I "accidentally" reduced my Efexor dosage from 112.5 mg to 75 mg per day without passing through 90 mg as intended (went straight from every 16 hours to every 24 hours; couldn't manage to remember every 20 hours). This was fine in Seattle which was having unusually summery weather, and especially in the Bay Area which was glorious (around 30 °C and incredibly sunny). Now I am back home, and it is grey, drizzly and disgusting - under 20 °C, and well and truly autumn. SAD is suddenly kicking my arse, bigtime. I wasn't expecting it this early, and I am completely unprepared.

Also, yes, I've had a cold. I'm pretty certain it isn't the PAX H1N1 because I really haven't been very ill at all by my standards. Didn't have a thermometer to check my temperature while I was away, but I knew I couldn't have much of a fever because I could still think. (My brain gives up entirely once my temperature reaches 37.7 °C or so.) However, I was spacing out badly enough in the airport in Friday that I refused the offer of a hotel room for the night, a business class seat on Saturday and $200 in compensation in exchange for allowing myself to be bumped off the flight, because I just wanted to get back to the land of civilised healthcare asap. Really didn't want to have to have the argument/fight with my travel insurance people about whether a chest infection following a cold would count as a "pre-existing" condition given that I have asthma and get secondary infections after every other cold.

I've had a night of bad breathing, so I'm going to pack myself off to the doctor first thing in the morning. Decided I wasn't ill enough for A&E, but I definitely need to get my lungs listened to. I'm 90% sure I have a chest infection, because my lungs feel full of goo and it's hard to breathe deeply. If I didn't have asthma meds, I'd have been a very unhappy bunny - have been taking double of everything for a week now. It's time for Moar Steroids (UGH).

And I have No Freaking Idea how to fix my jetlag. Normal people can get up early and/or go to bed early, and it fixes itself. With my sleep disorder, I could drag myself out of bed at 6 am, but I won't get tired any earlier. The only sure-fire way to fix it is to stay up later and later, and work round the clock *that* way, but... that's a method for last resort. 


Mar. 2nd, 2009 03:58 pm
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About the time I finished my last post, the world started spinning around and I had to go and lie down. The night then featured Extreme Nausea Mark 3 with Massive Dump Of Acid Into My Small Intestine and Argh Gall Bladder Attack No. 150 (approximately). Plus vomiting. Lots and lots of dizziness and vomiting. Until 3 am.

I still don't know whether something in the combination of meds I took triggered nausea, whether one of the meds I'm taking is bad for evil gall bladders, or whether it was just the usual "gall bladders are sensitive to oestrogen" thing. Or even whether it was the fact I took my multivitamins & calcium in the evening, figuring that doing without them for a week while I'm on doxycycline would mean I'd be non-functional by the end of the week. But it was nasty, with extra nastiness on top.

And today I am full of paracetamol, dihydrocodeine and Buscopan (a.k.a. hyoscine-N-butylbromide) and am still in screaming agony from the combined uterus and gall bladder attack. Dear body, if you want to kill me, just get on and do it quickly, rather than all these mini episodes of d00m.
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Guess what? Now I not only have the sinus/chest/who knows what infection of breathing doom, but I have my period as well!!

Currently full of more drugs than it can possibly be safe or sensible to mix all at once. I am the person that medicinal chemists love to hate, i.e. the one who has everything wrong with them and who they have to watch out for. By the end of today I will have taken: Read more... )


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