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Urgh. I feel so ill. Felt like I might be going down with something on Thursday and have progressed through the various stages of a cold ever since. Made the mistake of going out for dinner on Sunday evening, and since then have also had a raging fever and severe aching as well. Not happy.

Also, my laptop charger is now so broken that it only charges if it's in one very precise orientation. (The laptop and battery are both fine, I had them checked over by the Apple Store a couple of months ago, when this first started). Since a new one costs £60, I have emailed my university Disability Office to ask whether I can just buy it from the Apple Store (10 minutes away!) and claim the cost back, or if Student Finance England are going to be wankers and expect me to wait until one of their official Disabled Students' Allowance suppliers can get one to me. I rather suspect that the latter will be the case, and it's anyone's guess whether I will actually achieve an 85W MagSafe power supply for 15" MacBook Pro made before 2010, or whether I'll be sent one of the other wattages, or an 85W MagSafe 2 power supply, or... Who knows. (Also, I think I might need to fill in a DSA form for next academic year. I can't remember if I've done one yet).

Also also, I put in a repeat prescription yesterday with a request for 5 items, and only 4 of them were dispensed. There is no indication as to why the fifth one wasn't, it hasn't run out of repeats yet, and I even wrote in large, bright blue letters on the first page "5 items on form". It's megadose folic acid, which every so often I think I don't need, stop taking for a couple of days, and then have a horrible mood crash and end up crying my eyes out for several hours whilst wishing I was dead. I have 2 days supply left, so I need to ring the doctor's surgery and say "Oy", but I have no spoons left at all.

Also cubed, one of the Important Drugs on my repeat prescription is going to run out within the next 8 days. Therefore I need to make a doctor's appointment. Currently I am too sick to leave the house, and certainly too sick to sit in a room full of other sick people and swap germs. Urgh.

Also to the power of 4, I need to talk to my next-door neighbours about smoking right outside the front door, rather than passive-aggressively closing the window whenever smoke blows in :/ That definitely requires spoons :(

In happier news, I watched Dara O Briain's Science Club on BBC iPlayer yesterday and it's amazing. They report science news in a reasonably non-patronising way, and do lots of little experiments during the programme itself, in all areas of science. I'm mildly amused because one of the presenters is someone I knew at Imperial, a guy called Alok Jha. He looks absolutely the same as he did then, which isn't bad considering he's claiming to be 37. (I don't think he can be, since I'm sure he was a third year when I was a first year, and I don't think he would have gone to uni aged 16... But maybe I'm misremembering).

Everyone say "Happy birthday" to my dear ex-girlfriend [ profile] artremis tomorrow, because she's awesome, and I have failed to get a card to her due to the aforementioned sickness and blergh. She likes bunnies, knitting, coffee, and plushies, so if you can find pictures of knitted bunny plushies drinking coffee, that might work well.
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Richard is going to Malaga tomorrow. Leaving at the crack of dawn (his flight is 6.50 am!) and not getting back until late on Monday (he gets back to Heathrow at 10.40 pm). He has designed the new circuit board and software for the Angel, a very well-known type of paintball "marker", so is going to be making himself visible at one of the major tournaments. The fact it should be relatively warm in Spain compared to here is obviously quite a major factor in this trip.

Lexa, who often stays with me while Richard is away, is going to France tomorrow for 10 days. Again, to get some much-needed warmth and sunshine.

I'm not sure what Ludy's plans for this weekend are, but her cat Sylvia is not too well at the moment, so seeing her would likely mean travelling to the Greater Brighton area. Which is a thing I haven't done properly in ages and would like to do, except I have college on Friday and Monday, and work-for-money on Saturday. And Student Finance England are still being useless (although it transpired today that the uselessness is now not solely their fault), so I don't have my MacBook yet, so I can't do work from anywhere other than college. Meaning I'm pretty much stuck in London.


Do any of my London friends want to meet me for dinner on Friday or Monday? I need to make sure I get fed, because I'm rubbish at cooking when it's just me in the house. I'll probably be free about 8.30pm...

Also, we discovered last Friday that Italian Graffiti, our favourite Italian restaurant because a) the food is good, b) the service is fast and c) it's opposite Richard's work is closing forever on 1st May. This is really sad news! We don't know if the new owner is going to keep it as an Italian or if it's going to become some other type of restaurant.
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Just posted at great length about my Shiny dino experiment. Do read it if you're interested in things that are important to me (but aren't also important to the world-in-general). And yes, you're not missing anything - that really was my first post in over a week.

Still absolutely exhausted. Have spent most of the past week sleeping. Apparently 4 hours of dancing + a minute running outside to catch kasson as he was driving away = 6 nights of 12-15 hours sleep + back and hip pain + physical weakness (currently wearing a wrist support on my left hand WHICH I HATE) + general "glandiness". A good tradeoff? Yes! This is my life, and they're my damn spoons to spend. I only wish that it didn't cost me so many spoons to do things that other people my age would take for granted.

The only exciting thing that has happened this week is that I went to Brighton on Saturday to give Ludy her birthday presents (including this print). Missed all of Brighton Pride because I was too damned tired to get there during the day, and knew that my ability to walk was sorely limited. Did however meet L & her other partners [ profile] oilrig and [ profile] softfruit and have nice food with them, including cake. Had a strange experience at Brighton station featuring a rather drunk young girlie who insisted that I had been sitting next to her on the train down from Bognor that morning. Couldn't shake her off even after I showed her my ticket, which said clearly NORBITON not BOGNOR REGIS. Can't decide whether she was trying to scam me, fancied me, or was simply the worst pickpocket in the world. Eventually explained that I was going to meet my girlfriend who would not be impressed at my having another person along (did not mention my girlfriend's other girlfriend or boyfriend - occasionally, the default monocentric view of the world is useful!) and made a loud phone call in which I said I was going to The George. I then let drunk girlie wander off to talk to some other strangers, before diving into an alleyway in North Laine when she wasn't looking. Last time I saw her, she was asking for directions to The George (easy to identify when out of earshot, as it involved pointing further down the same street she was already in). Hopefully, she found someone with more spoons than me there to buy her some black coffee and put her on a train back home. Me, I managed less than two hours of socialising with people I already knew before going home with a headache from hell. 

I'm not going to BiCon. I officially can't afford it. Yes, there is a Helping Hand fund, but it is intended for people who can't afford to go to BiCon because they don't have money at all, not because they had money and spent it all on going to another continent to see their favourite band. Also I just paid my tax which was due on July 31st. Cut for mention of moneys. ). Blah.
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History, or Why I Decided To Clone My Dino by helen-louise aged 33
Anyone who has met me in person in recent years is probably aware that I am an adult who likes plushie toys and doesn't care who knows it. At home, there is a big shelf above our bed that holds most of our small cuddly friends. And when I go out anywhere significant, one or more plushie rides in my bag with me.

So, the last time Freezepop played in London was 29th April 2006. That was a long time ago - so long, we didn't even have the smoking ban yet. On that occasion, [ profile] kasson the person met kasson the dino, and was totally outcuted by him. After Richard took that photo, kasson was still holding dino, and overwhelmed by dino-love said "He is going home with you, right?". He looked disappointed when I said "I'm afraid so" until I explained that dino's been all over the world with me and he looks after me when I'm sick. Then he said "Could you maybe find a twin of him for me?". I said "I'll try to find you one and post it to you...".

What happened next... )

Pictures of the Dino-Cloning Process with Happy Result See below. )
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Am grumpy and a bit stressed. There is a story here, and I am not telling it all just yet. It's another one of those Super Sekrit Projects to amuse members of Freezepop which I do whenever I have the luxury of seeing them in person. It's been over three years, and I've been missing them a lot; hence I've had a lot of time to come up with ideas.

My school needlework teacher would be having A FIT if she could see what I've been up to. I have been sewing for pleasure. Or if not entirely for pleasure (some parts of this project have been fun, others have been less so), with the aim of making something specific as a gift for someone else. Considering that I only learned how to sew a couple of years ago and haven't exactly been practising, this has been... challenging. But I've been adamant with the resolution that I am making this out of love, not talent - so it doesn't matter if it's not absolutely perfect. So far I have been remarkably adept at bodging my way through problems.

Anyway, about an hour ago I got to the point where I realised that my ambition had far outstripped my ability. "Only one hour ago?!" say the handful of people who are in on the Sekrit. Well, yeah. I don't have a huge ego ("I'm so clever I can learn to sew and make something awesome from scratch in a week!"), but that "Love, not talent" motto can get you pretty far. It's amazing what a total klutz can create given enough time to think about it and partners who can do the bits she can't (Ludy for the leet sewing skillz, Richard for topography).

But I just can't figure out how to get the feet on despite Ludy's best instructions. I have to get the feet on and the stuffing in, and whichever order I try is the wrong one. I think I should have actually put the feet on before I put the legs on, but it's way too late for that now. And I need to do quite a bit of shopping tomorrow, and pack my bag, and... I know I can take it with me unfinished (in cabin baggage if not hand baggage - I can't figure out whether a sewing needle counts as something not allowed for the purposes of flight - can you possibly hijack an aeroplane using only one small sewing needle?), but I'd prefer to have it done before I go. And I'd also like to sleep both tonight and tomorrow night, especially considering we have to be at the airport at stupid o'clock on Wednesday. Argh. 
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Today featured way too much stress for my liking, but it improved as the day went on. Bus fiasco with a happy ending. )

I saw a clone of [ profile] artremis in the Costa in the Waterstones near college. This was somewhat alarming as Ludys are known for their liking of both coffee and books, and I often go to Costa and/or Waterstones with the real Ludy. The clone-grrl was the same height as Ludy and had the same shape & size face, neck, breasts and hips! She also wore similar clothes (a Uniqlo top and cotton tomboy trousers with pull-tabs to tighten them over the hips). She had the same colour and style of hair, but it was flat rather than spiky, and had rectangular glasses, but hers had normal lenses rather than pink. Also her skin was a tone darker than Ludy's. Nonetheless, it was a really good resemblance and I couldn't help staring! If I'd had any photos of Ludy on my phone, I would have said "You look just like my girlfriend" and asked to take a photo of her in return; but as it was I couldn't prove that I wasn't a complete nutter trying to take photos of strangers to perve over. So I didn't say anything. She ordered a small cappuccino, which was just as well, as if it had been a medium Fairtrade vanilla latte I might just have died of shock!

Later this evening, Richard & I went for dinner with [ profile] pir, who we have not seen in far too long. When my course is over, I need to spend the summer going round seeing all the friends I have here in London that I haven't had time to see in months or years! I have satiated both my desire-for-gadgets and concern-for-the-environment by buying the iPod he wasn't using, which is Reuse of existing electronics and therefore even better than Recycling. And now I will have music wherever I go without running down my stupid mobile phone battery. I will have to buy a new phone soon because the one I have just doesn't work properly, but I'll have to deal with the guilt about that later. No time for it now. 

And, in case you care, I got 93% on my mass spec coursework, which is another A+ to add to my collection. I think I'm going to have to remember how much I rock, because I really am very stressed about these exams now.
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Today Ludy & I went to see [ profile] quatlet, who is now visible outside the uterus, much to the delight of [ profile] thekumquat! He was born on 12th September and is currently very small. I can report that he has the normal number of arms, legs, heads etc. expected for humans, although as one of his parents is [ profile] conflux, he may actually be part-elf. He has pointy ears, likes being sung to, and started crying when Ludy said he was going to grow up to be human. As far as newborn baby humans go, he is on the attractive side - not pink and blobby, has some hair, and does not look like Winston Churchill. Unfortunately he currently has a pointy head with a big scab on it from delivery, but it has already improved and should continue to do so. Hooray! [ profile] ailbhe's advice on "things to bring a new mother stuck in the hospital" was spot on, thank you!

I don't think I have any right to Announce what [ profile] quatlet's official name is, but I can probably tell you that one name combination was rejected because it would have made his initials FAF, and we bi poly types do quite enough faffing already, thankyouverymuch.

[ profile] xanna and Jacob were also there for most of the time we were, and [ profile] asrana turned up as we were leaving. Apparently she has been a star at kicking hospital administrative butt. The hospital itself was far too pink, and had at least one utterly disgusting visitor toilet. I took a photo of it to, um, send to the local newspaper or something. (I did want to check on its status later, but it was occupied and we were in a hurry due to spoon shortage.) The visitor toilets downstairs were very shiny and clean though.

Also, I swear that when I was waiting outside the room because of possible remaining lurgy plus $too_many_visitors, a random new father was chatting me up. Um... hello, I know we do non-monogamy, but I hadn't told him that, and his poor wife had only just given birth! Let her have the right to consent first, please!
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Lately I've been spending a lot of time in Richmond Park. On Sunday I went cycling with Richard, going from Kingston Gate to Broomfield Hill, then came back via the Isabella Plantation. We saw a Sequoia sempervirens and a Liriodendron tulipifera, recognising them both as "non-native trees". Actually, I even recognised the sequoia as a sequoia, but didn't believe it could be one so far away from home. We stared at the tulip tree for a long time because of its weird leaves. Most trees grow according to the Fibonacci sequence, and I'm used to seeing leaves with 3, 5, 8 or 13 lobes on them. Four is... strange.

Yesterday, [ profile] artremis came over and we took the 65 bus round to Petersham Gate to see the bunnies and the fallen-over-but-still-alive trees. We walked through the Park to Ham Gate, then a few roads over to get the 371 back home. The bus takes far longer than cycling for some reason.

Today I went cycling, got a bit lost and ended up doing around 9 miles (according to Richard, anyway). If you look at the PDF map of the park, I went from Kingston Gate up Queens Road, then turned right at Ham Gate onto the yellow/red-dotted cycle path until the car park just under the P in the middle. On the way I found the proper cycle entrance to the Isabella Plantation where there are racks (rather than the back entrance we found on Sunday). Then I meant to go on the blue dotted path through Pen Ponds to Pembroke Lodge, but instead carried on the red dotted path past White Lodge until Sheen Cross, then up Sawyer's Hill. I was slightly surprised to end up at Richmond Gate, but it only took 20 minutes from there back to Kingston Gate down the road (instead of the cycle path - it's safe enough, as it was after 9 pm so the car gates were closed). The whole thing took 1 hour & 20 minutes, which I didn't think was bad considering the hills.

I wish more of my local friends were into cycling, because the Park is beautiful and there are lots of car-free paths. Some of them are even properly tarmaced over, so are easy to ride on. Today, they were full of "serious" cyclists who ride all hunched over for streamlining and speed - I suppose it's good for them to have car-free roads to practice on, but it seems sad that they never get to look at the scenery. I was riding deliberately slower than usual because there were too many interesting trees and animals.
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Well, I was right about our general inability to get up this morning. I set my alarm for 8.25 am but was so sleepy I fell asleep again as soon as it stopped ringing. Eventually staggered next door to discover that Alexa & Ludy were equally out of it but planning to go downstairs for breakfast before going back to sleep. I lacked sufficient coordination to manage walking or stairs so went back to bed without eating. Richard did not stir at all.

We eventually got ourselves up and packed and checked out of the hotel about 11.45 am. This left just enough time to rush to the Culture House and see their exhibition: Surtsey – Genesis. It explained how the island of Surtsey came into existence suddenly on 14th November 1963, how it has changed in shape since, and how it became colonised by plants and animals. Surtsey and books. )

After the Culture House, Ludy went back to the Icelandic Handknitting Association shop, where she bought a quantity of wool that would cost £50 at home and was around £15 here. She would like certain people (e.g. [ profile] oilrig) to be informed that she only spent 8 minutes in the shop and would have been 2 minutes faster if not for the confused Dutch people in front of her! Meanwhile I went back to Á Næstu Grösum and bought some more cauliflower and peanut soup to take away, and to Kaffi Garðurinn where I obtained the dish of the day, a Moroccan chickpea casserole with couscous. Then we ran downhill to the hotel to catch our taxi. We were planning to get a taxi to the BSI Bus Terminal then get the bus to the airport, but there turned out to be a flat rate to the airport which was only around 1500 kr more. We figured that the reduced hassle and spoon conservation more than compensated for the extra expense.

I ate my food at the airport (delicious), we obtained hot drinks in Kaffitar, stood in an endless queue to check in, went through security (MUCH less paranoid than in the UK), got our VAT refund (Iceland isn't part of the EU, so we got 10% of the purchase price back on all purchases over 4000 kr. The remaining 5% goes in administration and into the government earthquake and volcanic activity insurance.) then RAN to the departure gate, because it was gate 30, about as far from the entrance as it's possible to get, and there hadn't been audible announcements to tell us the flight was closing. Now we're sitting on the plane spodding or drowsing. As we ascended Alexa noticed Surtsey out of the window – we were lucky to see it, because it was only visible from the right-hand side.

All in all, I think this has been an excellent trip.

P.S. Back home now :(
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It's nearly 3 on Sunday morning, and it's still light outside :) Normal daylight persisted until 11pm, and since then we've been in twilight. There was a glorious pink and purple sunset as we drove through the volcanic region outside Reykjavik, but in the city itself it seems like around 8pm in the summer at home. A handful of the street lights are on, but not all, and cars are going slowly because of all the drunk people littering the streets rather than because it's dark. Don't think we have the energy to stay up absolutely all night, unfortunately, but this perpetual day is really rather awesome.

Too much fun stuff has happened in the past two days for me to be able to write anything at all comprehensive. Yesterday we went to the Blue Lagoon, a geothermally heated swimming pool filled with volcanic mud that's supposed to be really good for the skin. Seeing as whenever I fly, I always want to have a hot shower as the first thing after landing, going somewhere where I had to have a hot shower followed by a long 38 degree C bath followed by another hot shower was the most excellent plan in the world. We ate at an Indian called Shalimar where I had a curry made from courgette/zucchini and red kidney beans with mango - never had anything like that before, but it was great.

Today we wandered down Laugavegur, the main shopping street in Reykjavik. Ludy met many yarn & knitting shops. I bought some sandals from 66 degrees North, the Icelandic clothing retailer, that have PROPER TOE PROTECTION and A SOLE WITH THICK TREAD. I've been looking for such footwear forever, as while I love my Doc Martens-type boots, they do get hot in the summer. Too many sandals, even the ones designed as summer walking shoes, don't protect the toes and lack a sole with enough grip for me to feel safe. The really amazing thing is these sandals actually have BUILT-IN ORTHOTICS, so I don't need to find a way to hide mine in them. And while Iceland is notoriously expensive, these shoes cost about what less useful ones would at home.

We had coffee and lunch at Kaffi Hljomalind, a co-operative anarchist vegetarian cafe with great artwork. We walked up to Hallgrímskirkja, possibly the oddest-shaped church in the world, and were lucky enough to go up the tower before it shuts for renovation on Monday. Then we went to the Einar Jónsson Museum which is almost next door, but only made it as far as the free garden before deciding we'd had enough (his sculptures are really rather depressing). Finally we saw an odd exhibition in the National Gallery of Iceland, which I'm sure Ludy will write about in more detail. Dinner was at an Italian restaurant called Rosso Pomodoro, which did an excellent vegan pizza with roasted vegetables.

This evening we went on a bus trip they call the Golden Circle tour. It featured just the right amount of science to keep this Science Genius Girl happy. There was loads of geology in the form of volcanoes, geysers, hot springs, glaciers, volcanic craters and the aftereffects of an earthquake 3 weeks ago; the chemistry of lava (black and red); the physics of geothermal and hydroelectric power (which I already know, but it was still cool); and even some biology of native trees and the Arctic fox. We saw a huge waterfall called Gullfoss, the original Geysir (pronounced GAY-SEER) that gave its name to all the others, and we stood on the Mid-Atlantic Ridge where new rock is forming as the North American and Eurasian tectonic plates move apart. My brain is full, in a good way.

Anyway, I suppose I should drag myself to bed, although the square outside is still full of drunk people shouting "RUNTUR! RUNTUR!" and quaffing ale. Photos will follow much later - considering my existing backlog, maybe in 18 months or so :P I'm sure [ profile] otterylexa and [ profile] artremis will be writing entries soon, which will fill in some gaps, and both Alexa and Richard have taken several billion photos on decent cameras, which I'm sure they're intending to share.
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As some of you know, Ludy was having a laparoscopy today. She says she had 2 small spots of endometriosis removed and now has a photo of her guts. No more endo is visible. I was worried about the fact it was only 2 small spots and not lots of small spots or one giant one, based on how bad her pain was before. But apparently size != activity so != severity of symptoms, so she's not fussed. She's staying in the hospital tonight and will be back home tomorrow. I'm presuming from the coherent text messages that she'll probably be online when she's back home, but I thought I'd post this just in case anyone was wondering.
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It's been a long few days. Let's do this in the Yay and Boo style that other people favour.

- 4.5 hours of work starting at 11.30am.
+ Saw Tim & Peter.
+ Peter is my personal computer fairy, bringing me a "new" laptop for Ludy plus an official Microsoft Office 97 install disc. Don't ask what I need it for (will explain later).
+ Went out for dinner at the nice Italian that's not open on Sundays.
- Wanted to go to sleep before Tim & Peter had even left (impressive, considering that they are morning people and I'm not!).
- It took me/us 5 hours or so to reinstall Windows & put all the new software onto Ludy's "new" computer. Got to bed far too late.
+ It was kinda fun to put music I like & think she'll like and photos of us/things meaningful to us on the computer for her. I get why people like to be computer fairies now!

Sunday, Monday & Tuesday )
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[ profile] artremis's computer has died, so she won't be online from home for a while. I asked if she could bring it up to London this weekend so that [ profile] conflux and/or [ profile] wuzzie could look at it, but apparently she already has to bring the Big Bag of Bisexual Craft on the train and can't manage a computer as well. I doubt anyone feels like running down to Worthing to pick up Ludy and her computer on Saturday morning, but it's worth asking.

Can people who are staying with us for BiFest - so far, these are [ profile] softfruit & [ profile] haggis - please tell me what you like to eat for breakfast. Also what sort of drinks and milk you prefer, and whether or not you're allergic/intolerant to soya. If you can eat soya I can make us all pancakes with maple syrup for breakfast, but if you can't I'll have to find time to buy some ready-made ones from Sainsbury's, which may not happen. The default breakfast when Richard isn't around is entirely vegan (Linda McCartney sausages + potatoes of some sort + fried red peppers + baked beans and/or tinned tomatoes), but I can get eggs if someone other than me is prepared to cook them.

I am currently annoyed because I have lost two exam papers somewhere in my terribly messy house. While I was planning to tidy up a bit before the weekend due to aforementioned people staying here, I wasn't planning to tidy up my study. (All of my current students can cope with the mess - some of them even find it comforting (!!)). The lost exam papers are most likely to be in my study, but to be perfectly honest they could have accidentally escaped into one of the upstairs rooms. Doubt they're in the bedroom because I tidied that on Saturday, but front room & spare room are both possibilities, and both of them have boxes & piles of stuff everywhere. Ugh. Things we got done on Saturday, for my reference. )
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Today I went to Brighton to take part in a Brighton BiFest committee meeting. I am the Webmonkeymistress & Cake Wrangler. I have posted a poll all about cake on the [ profile] bifest community and those of you who are going to Brighton BiFest should fill it in!

Also, I realised I haven't actually posted the date of BiFest here, so: it's Saturday 9th February 2008. Please come!


Aug. 3rd, 2007 01:36 pm
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And now for something slightly cheerier. Who's going to Brighton Pride tomorrow?

I am feeling sufficiently blah that I haven't decided if I'm going to stay with Ludy tonight, or get an obnoxiously early train down in the morning. I plan to go straight to Preston Park to watch the parade come in, then go into Brighton for lunch afterwards.

Is there a specific train that London bi folk will be on?

[crossposted to [ profile] londonpolybis]
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It has been a very pear-shaped weekend, with intermittent good bits. Both Alexa & Ludy ended up staying over at my place on various nights without having previously planned to.

Alexa came up on Friday to deal with the Random Artificial Emergency that occurred; and the traffic was so, so bloody awful because of the bad weather & flooding that the journey took her about 5 hours instead of an hour and a half, meaning that she spent a total of about 6 hours driving as well as several more trying to deal with the emergency. Great "fun". This used up all of her tuits (what Lexas have instead of spoons) as well as all my spoons, so we both collapsed in a heap on Friday night and didn't move much on Saturday. Tim & Peter came round to be social with us in our extremely low-energy state, and we played Killer Bunnies. Alexa was still too tired to drive home on Saturday night, so she stayed here that night too.

I had been supposed to go down to see Ludy on Friday, but the Random Artificial Emergency occurred & messed up my plans, so she came here to be social with us in our slightly less low-energy state yesterday. More Killer Bunnies occurred. Alexa felt up to driving home, and Richard got back from his paintball competition with Chinese food for us. Then we discovered too late that the last train from Clapham Junction to Worthing on a Sunday leaves at 22:23, meaning you have to leave Norbiton at the ridiculous hour of 21:36! This is a full 2 hours earlier than the last train on a weekday or Saturday, when you can leave at 23:36 & still get back. We were not very impressed, and Ludy was understandably stressed out due to being stranded in London without meds & with Sylvia (the cat) stuck in her flat - with food, but no way to get outside. Richard, very nobly, offered Ludy his bed because she was upset and he thought it would be nicer for her to sleep in the bedroom with me rather than in the spare room. (People who know [ profile] wuzzie will know what a great sacrifice it is for him to give up his bed - it's almost the most important thing in his life!).

Today trains were continuing to conspire against us. We got to Norbiton station with a plan to get the 14:36 train to Clapham Junction then for Ludy to get the 15:23 home. In the event, there was some sort of "signalling failure in the New Malden area", and no trains were happening at all. We got the bus to Wimbledon (as buses were accepting train tickets), went to Costa, and then got on what was supposed to be the delayed 15:17 to Clapham Junction. However, it was so delayed that it decided to go fast to London Waterloo and not stop anywhere else - a decision which was relayed to the passengers only after it had left Wimbledon station. Gah. Also, we didn't have tickets that would allow us to travel via London, but this was not so much an issue in the end as we got straight back on a train on the opposite platform. Ludy eventually got the 16:23 train... which I hope will actually get her home.

So yes. Tiring, and pear-shaped, but with lots of quality time with friendly people.
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Last Thursday was my birthday. The day was spectacularly quiet, but in the evening 8 of us (me, [ profile] wuzzie, [ profile] alexa_robinson, [ profile] artremis, [ profile] meeping, [ profile] gerwinium, [ profile] hatter & [ profile] bfo) went to 222. Dinner was perfect, and it was just the right number of people - so most of the time there were no more than two separate conversations on the table, and everyone could talk to everyone else. I did feel a bit sorry for Ludy, though, sitting between Richard & Marcus, as they've been co-conspirators since 1994 but haven't actually lived together these past 9 years. So they were getting louder and louder and louder, and Ludy had forgotten her earplugs. Oh well.

I got some nice presents, including a Wii plus the Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess from Richard, and Eledees from Tim & Peter, and an octopus t-shirt from Richard's sister A. Ludy bought me Montezuma's chocolate and the foulest-smelling Lush product EVER! Fortunately, it's supposed to smell that bad, and it may turn out to be a useful natural replacement for the evil green seborrhoeic dermatitis shampoo that I'm forced to use to get my hair clean.

As is typical for my birthday, it was grey and cloudy for half the day, chucking it down with rain for a quarter, and reasonably warm and sunny for the rest of it. I always thought the fact I've only had three or four dry birthdays in my life was me being paranoid or misremembering, but apparently there's a great deal of historical precedent. Apparently there is actual scientific reasoning for why the end of June is so rotten weather-wise! You have to wonder why they insist on holding Wimbledon and Glastonbury at this time of year when the meteorologists consider it "monsoon season".
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Ludy got a phone call from the hospital this morning wanting her to go in & get her wisdom teeth out on Tuesday! (they had a cancellation). This is a good thing because her teeth have been very difficult lately, but argh! So her flat needs to get tidied enough for [ profile] omangel to stay, to look after Sylvia (cat) and doped-up Ludy! This would be wonderful if it wasn't for the fact that all the furniture in two rooms is piled into the middle of the room to allow access to wash & paint the walls. Also [ profile] oilrig is going to the Download Festival this weekend, so is not available for moving stuff. Argh!

I took some more photos but can't post them from the train; suffice to say the walls and ceiling are still too filthy to allow simply painting over the lot to be an option. I washed an area of 1m^2 with a clean sponge and the rinsing water turned the colour of black coffee. Nice.

Back in a few days, again.


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