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In the process of importing my livejournal. Hoping it won't take forever because 2001-most of 2013 is already here. Wondering about some of my communities (the two or three that I really care about) because I haven't been back to lj to "agree" to their TOS and mark my entire journal as Not Suitable For Children yet. Mostly due to lack of time.

In the meantime, if you want to be added to my Fiends List and use a different username here, please comment. I do so like Dreamwidth's separation of "Subscribe" and "Grants Access".

I am currently in Rochester, New York, USA visiting my partner Grant. Here are some pictures from Monday:
Me and Shifty cuddling

And two more! )
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I haven't had much energy for livejournal (or indeed, any sort of extended writing) the past few weeks. Today I was planning to write about what we did with Grant while he was here, but I got caught up in chatting on irc and have burned through my communication spoons. Urgh.

So have some more pictures:

The three of us on the 37th Floor of the Sky Garden at 20 Fenchurch Street, London. 2016-02-21
On the 37th Floor with London behind us, 2016-02-21

Here is a another picture taken at the same time in which I exhibit a seriously smug face.

We found the Poly lift! )
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Grant is visiting from the US. It's his first time out of North America and everything here is very very strange. He first got confused on the bus back from Heathrow because of how twisty the streets were, compared to the grid patterns that he's used to. "It's like driving around a Paisley!" he said.

We have done various things, including cuddling, eating, playing Elder Scrolls Online (Grant is such a nerd that he brought his non-laptop computer. Yes, a mini tower) and looking at museums and other such tourist "attractions". I will write more about that when it's not 3 am and we're not supposed to be up in the morning.

I'm sure that what you actually want to see are the pictures of us loving each other.

A couple of days after Grant arrived, in our house. Picture taken by Richard.
In our house. 2016-02

Two more pictures! )
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I am in Toronto with @Wicked_Shifty! Sorry for the lack of updates... the wifi in our hotel room is beyond terrible, so we've come down to the lobby to post sickening adorable pictures.

Me & Shifty 2015-08-29

Me & Shifty 2015-08-29

Shifty says, "Without internet, we have had to find other ways to amuse ourselves. Surprisingly, the TV hasn't been turned on yet." :D
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Yesterday, Richard and I went to see Avenged Sevenfold at Wembley Arena. And we definitely did not complain about being unable to see the band properly!

A7X and Pyro
Setlist, gig review, and seven more photos under the cut. )
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Remember I was upset about seeing Paradise Lost in London - or rather not seeing them? Here's some photographic evidence.

This is what the stage looked like for a large portion of the gig:
Paradise Lost barely visible Read more... )
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Live American black bears with PLUSHIE American black bears! Very, very cute. Click on the pictures to make them bigger.

Ubisoft ports its games to the Post-It note platform (Kotaku article from last year) and updated gallery.

Webcomic that will cause earworms for anyone who's ever played the game: Katamari. Official licensed webcomic. Very funny and sweet - and yes, it made me want to go and boot up the game again.

An earworm to get rid of the last one: "Pop Star" by Eureka Machines. A very good pop/punk band indeed, and this video is hilarious and worth watching even if you're not a fan of the music.

I am waiting impatiently for my next Alix & Martin picture. This one has them topless :) I've been sent the pencil sketch but now it needs inking and colouring... Feeling sufficiently depressed that only pretty boys loving each other will help.
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Last night I signed up for Flickr, purely so I could comment on other people's photos. I've been adding everyone whose usernames or real names I recognise. Except I've now fallen foul of the "Slow down partner!" restriction on new accounts, which is there to prevent spam. Fair enough - but there's no indication of how long I need to wait before I can add more people to my contacts list! Does anyone know?

I am, of course, using the name baratron. If you actually use Flickr, feel free to add me. (I've seen quite a few people I recognise whose accounts seem to be dead, but I'm not sure whether they really are dead or if it's just that they don't upload photos there anymore due to terms of service issues). Possibly, having existing users add me might be what's required to undo the "Slow down" marking, I'm not sure.
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Some photos, entirely taken by Richard. Click on them to get the pictures bigger. The photos are labelled on the bigger versions (labelling them here made the tables too messy). Very large versions of most of these photos exist should anyone want them (Richard had his camera in insanely high resolution mode).

I need a userpic of Richard behind a camera for whenever I'm posting pictures that he took.

Saturday 23rd April 2011: In which Paploo the ewok meets some bearded METAL wuzzies, and I meet Wolfsbane. Also, a tree: Read more... )
P.S. That is a horrible picture of me! I forgot to untie my hair from the messy ponytail that it was in because it was TOO HOT in the venue!

Monday 25th April 2011: Richmond Park. Featuring bunnies, ewok and my favourite tree.Read more... )

My favourite tree is awesome because, as you can see, it is broken but still alive and flourishing. It blew over in a storm some years ago and a large number of its roots are exposed - so it no longer grows upwards, but instead, sideways. Yet it sustains not only itself, but also resident wildlife.

I think this tree provides a useful metaphor whenever anyone wants to pity me too much for my health crap. My health and mobility could both be better, but my life is NOT a tragedy!

(Although the photo of me on the tree doesn't show how many spoons it took, or how dead I was the next day.)
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Just pics of us, nothing exciting. Principally for [ profile] mjl who wanted to see Roly, the polar bear we got for Christmas. Apparently I'm an idiot, because I didn't realise my new MacBook Pro has an SD Card slot so I can copy photos directly without needing any cables. Ah well.

Me with Bug, Amber & Roly
2010-07-14. Taken by Richard.
Me with Bug, Amber & Roly

5 more below the cut )
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From yesterday's Sunday Times: It’s a grolar, the climate-change polar bear. The photo in the paper was even cuter, it featured much more of the bears and you could see that the polar bear had his paw on the grizzly bear.

From today's Metro: Dramatic pictures of polar bear encounter. Featuring omg baaaaaaaaaby polar bear triplets! Obeys many of Cute Overload's rules of cuteness, e.g. #7: A thing, accompanied by a smaller version of that thing, is always cute and #9: Piles of a cute thing jack up a cuteness rating exponentially.

Also, some other newspaper articles:
'I lost the gift of joy for a while'. The artist behind Purple Ronnie and Edward Monkton writes about depression. I hadn't realised it was the same artist but it makes sense - they're both simple art styles with surreality.

And I have been checking the date to make sure it's not April Fools' Day... London commuters in a spin as Circle Line becomes a tadpole. Seriously - there was once a time when I would have known about this sort of thing months before normal Londoners. I miss Usenet.
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Here's an awesome set of photos that I should have posted the day I saw them: Winners of the Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2009 award. Features wolfy!

Also, I should be packing right now because we're off to Berlin tomorrow. Half of the clothes I want to take are still in the wash though. Argh!

Won't be reading much. See you when we get back.


Aug. 7th, 2009 02:13 am
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I realised that I never did get round to showing you what Richard got me for my birthday. I gave up on getting a pink bass guitar because the only shop that sells Daisy Rock stuff in central London didn't seem to want to serve us AND didn't have any Daisy Rock basses in, and the only other pink basses I found were hideous salmon-coloured. Instead, I got this lovely blue bass:


I especially like that it's SHINY, but you can still see the wood grain.
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Just in case you're not already sick of my going on and on and on about Freezepop, Richard's photos from the Boston shows are now online. Woo.

Some previews... )
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I have a massive backlog of photos that I need to get online. At the moment this appears to include:
* Ryan & Dawn's wedding - June 2007 (!!)
* alt.polycon in Las Vegas - Feb 2008
* Blackpool - May 2008
* Iceland - June 2008
* BiCon 2008 - August 2008
* Wildhearts - September 2008
* [ profile] marnanel's visit - September 2008
* NY/Boston - July 2009

Well, I've fixed two of those. BiCon 2008 is now online (photos friends-only, people referred to by real first name only, bystanders pixellated). Also Marnanel's visit is online (photos registered users only).

If you are in any of the photos and are happy for them to be made public, please comment here. Also if you would prefer for your name to be changed to livejournal username, or if you want both real and livejournal names included, comment here. If you can't currently see the photos due to not being on my trusted people list, errr... I'll have to work something out involving email :)

Update: A photo in which I look like an adult!
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I have been busy uploading & tagging photos from various trips - some almost a year old.

dino Trip 7 - Modern Art in Manchester, 2006-09-22. If any Mancunians could tell me what the saxophones, Moon, bat wings & bees statue is called, or who it's by, or even what street it's on, I'd be most grateful.

Me, [ profile] alexa_robinson, [ profile] rowan_leigh, [ profile] fluffymormegil (friends-only), at BiFest, 2006-09-23. (Tell me if it's ok to make this public.)

Various "new" photos of me & Richard, from 2006-12-28 to 2007-03-12. Features naked [ profile] wuzzie-chest, if you feel you need warning of that.

dino Trip 8a - Minneapolis & the Mall of America, 2007-03-29 & 30. Features an iPod vending machine, Lego stegosaurus & giant octopus, and wedding chapel - in the Mall of America.

dino Trip 8b - Lost in New York, 2007-04-03 & 04. Features the Empire State Building, giant topiary bunny, a hideous golden statue outside the Rockefeller Center, and the Nintendo World store. And this rather nice picture of ancient & modern NYC. 95%-written post about New York just needs a quick edit & post.

Check out all his majesty. 2007-06-08

Why tricycles are better than bicycles, 2007-06-09.

My birthday party, 2007-06-21. Photos edited so it looks like the plushies went to the restaurant without us :) Delicious vegan food porn from 222.

Toronto Zoo photos, all uploaded & tagged. 75%-written post about the Zoo to follow. 2007-06-29

Photos of actual humans from alt.polycon 15 and from [ profile] hoopycat & [ profile] veryfineredwine's wedding will follow. They're the ones which take the most effort, as technically I'm supposed to contact other people before putting their photos online. What I'll most likely do is upload them all friends-only & get people to say if it's ok to make them public.
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The past few days have seen me being butch DIY h-l. This isn't something that happens terribly often, so it's quite a sight to behold. I have been cleaning grease off floors on my hands and knees, washing down walls, painting walls, and filling Ludy's crack [1].

Ludy's new flat will be lovely when it's finished, but at the moment it's hideous. The previous tenants were obviously very heavy smokers (and possibly stoners, if the sticker advertising one of Amsterdam's more notorious "coffeehouses" is anything to go on). Everything is so heavily stained with tar that we thought the walls in the bedroom were cream, until Paul ripped off the wallpaper border to reveal pure brilliant white underneath. Washing down the walls is taking a minimum of four passes: sugar soap, rinse with water, repeat; and as you do so the smell of the smoke rises out of the paintwork. Honestly, if there are any smokers who need a graphic representation of what's happening to their lungs, I recommend you visit Ludy and help with the washing down.

Moreover, not only are the walls dirty, but they were also decorated by someone who watched too many episodes of Changing Rooms whilst high. I cannot adequately explain the horror of the bathroom in words - you'll have to "enjoy" the blurry photos I took on my phone's camera. It looks like a psychotic smeared blood and faeces on the wall. Who would do that to a poor, innocent bathroom?!

The bathroom has had two coats of paint and is actually possible to live with now; but it still needs another two coats to completely cover the evil dark blue splodges. We haven't attempted any of the other rooms yet. The bedroom "should" be easy, but I don't like to say that and tempt fate. The front room will take a while, because it's a) the most stained and b) the worst colour to start with. Two walls are a dark, bottle green, not entirely unlike the colour of 1950s Southern buses, while the other two are faded Routemaster red. Yum.

Go to the GALLERY OF DOOM. Warning: Do not view the Top of the stairs while eating or drinking. You may choke.

I'll try to go down & do more painting this weekend, but other volunteers would be useful, especially people who are happy to wash walls down (it's a slow, boring job), and ideally people who are confident up a ladder. Also if anyone has any suggestions for helping a displaced cat settle down, I shall pass them on to Ludy.

[1] Several, in fact, all around the bathroom walls and ceiling [2]. Ain't spackle grand?
[2] I considered further lowering the tone by explaining that I did the filling of the crack using my gloved hand, because it's more controllable than the implement intended for the purpose.
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Last year, one of the local newspapers had a "Kingston's Best Beard" competition. I, of course, entered Richard in this - which meant that we had a photographer come round to take a photo of his beard, and a reporter on the phone interviewing us about it. For some reason, I never got round to scanning the newspaper article and uploading it to the internet.

Well now, I have. Image, 171 kB. Actual size, so it's kinda big. )

The person who actually won was Michael Hargrave, who'd grown his beard after retiring as a surgeon - it transformed him from a rather scary individual into a fluffy wuzzie, so he deserved to win - but it's still amusing to see Richard in the paper :)


Nov. 3rd, 2006 12:35 am
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Yaaaaaaaaay! The floor is finished!! We still have to clean the skirting boards and reaffix them to the wall and then move all the furniture back in, but the floor is DONE!!

However, the photo of me loving the new floor looks like a coroner's photo. I don't think I'll post that one in case people think I died. I'll have to get Richard to pose on the floor after all :D



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