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My theme for the day is Being a Responsible Adult. Look at me deciding to not buy Pokemon Alpha Sapphire until after my Big Deadline at university! Look at me booking a doctor's appointment at the contraceptive clinic to get my coil checked! Look at me sitting down to do homework for tomorrow's class, even though I'm not taking it for credit!

Now, if only Being a Responsible Adult stopped me being so damned tired, I'd be delighted.
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xoJane: Fat kids and formerly fat kids are at significant risk of eating disorders, yet are more likely to go undiagnosed and untreated. Something that I only really thought about based on the experience of a friend, but it should seem obvious once you think about it. How would American media report on the Government shutdown if it were happening in another country?. A bit out-of-date now, but certainly interesting.

Society's New Rules (According to the Internet)

Not Always Romantic: Three is a Crowd, but also Allowed. The last line just makes it.

The 50 Most Perfectly Timed Photos Ever.

IKEA or Death? Does that shouty Scandinavian name belong to an IKEA product or a death metal band?

Knitted nautilidae!

Snakes Wearing Tiny Hats.

Pet snake playing Pokemon X/Y.
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Oh man, I have a doozy of a First World Problem today. See, Pokemon X and Y are due to be released worldwide on 12th October, i.e. tomorrow. In an attempt to get it as early as possible, I ordered the download version of Pokemon X even though I prefer physical cartridges. I thought "It'll probably be available at 11pm on Friday night since Nintendo's European servers are in Germany, and at the worst case it'll be midnight - that beats waiting until I've managed to drag myself out of bed in the morning." Yeah.

And then I woke up today to find out that GAME, the beleaguered British video game chain, had been given permission to start selling it early. And Kingston has gone from three branches of GAME to zero, making my nearest one in central London. And I was way too sick to drag my arse into central London today.

And now it's late enough for me to try downloading Pokemon X, and I can't, because my SD card is too small. The game won't fit even if I delete EVERYTHING. Argh!!
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I am in the Science 2 Reading Room at the British Library. A man who is older than me is browsing Facebook on his laptop while searching for academic papers on a library computer. He just clicked on some drawings of Snorlax...

...I was SO tempted to lean over and growl "SNOR... LAX?" in his ear, but I thought it would be freaky :D


Sep. 26th, 2010 01:32 am
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This evening, I am a refugee from my own study. Our neighbours are having a loud music + bonfire party, so I can't actually BREATHE in my study, let alone concentrate to work. Bah.

Some friends from PokeCharms have found that there is a me sprite in Pokemon Black & White! I am quite amused. Her shoes are wrong, but otherwise, that's me.

Congratulations to Ed Miliband on being elected new Labour leader. Commiserations to the friend of mine, who for obvious reasons will remain anonymous here, who lives in the same road as him! That's going to make your life a whole lot more interesting, eh?
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I have reached a stage of ARGH with my work, so I'm going to post all of the links I have cluttering up my "working" Firefox profile :)

From [ profile] epi_lj: Hollywood's Racism Exposed ... by Lego. Interesting.

From [ profile] skibbley: New bisexual IKEA ad airs in Austria. It's amusing... apart from continuing to propagate the "bisexuals are cheaters"/"can't be monogamous" stereotype. Or does it? Maybe the boyfriend simply doesn't like to be in the flat when his partner is having sex with his girlfriend!

From Shana Logic: IKEA Let Loose a Herd of 100 Cats Into Store to 'See What Happens'. If you're really interested, the ad was shot in the branch of IKEA we used to go to when I was a kid (Wembley). We don't go there any more because there's one much closer to us now (Croydon).

From Beetlebau on Night of the Living Trekkies (book trailer). Books have trailers now?

Finally, in case you haven't seen this anywhere else, and care: the Complete Pokedex for Pokemon Black & White.

*hits Refresh a few more times to see if anyone's replied to my message asking for help yet*
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Haven't written anything here in ages. This is because I successfully achieved my goal of spending the Easter long weekend doing nothing but sleeping and playing Pokemon :)

Oh, there was some other stuff. Went shopping for trousers, my least favourite thing ever, and achieved 5 pairs that fit - including the first pair of jeans I've owned in years! Managed this by picking up every size 18/20 pair of black trousers in Marks & Spencer and analysing it by the two essential criteria of "Is there enough fabric to cover my arse?" and "Will my fat thighs fit in this?". Then took something like 12 pairs to the changing room. Discovered that in some styles the 18 Short isn't just cut down in the legs like you'd expect, but also in the arse region (what?), so I have several pairs of 18 Short but also 2 in 18 Medium. Bought multiple copies of the trousers I really liked so I don't have to go shopping again for a few more years, yay.

Also: taught a few students, delivered leaflets for the Liberal Democrats, signed the nomination papers for the local LibDem councillors (!), saw Tim & Peter and gave Tim his birthday present. Ran out of antihistamine and discovered that it really does work! (itchy, sticky, miserable eyes with bizarre watering followed).

Did not do anything towards tidying the house courtesy of Richard being at work on Saturday and paintball marshalling on Sunday (and therefore sleeping on Monday). Just as well I hadn't planned to, eh?
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I have a mystery to solve. On 23rd August, someone in Canada whose name I don't recognise sent me a "Pocket Monica Jump-Jupm Chess". It appears to be a Chinese fake Pokemon rip-off version of Ludo. Notice the name, uh, "Pocket Monica" instead of Pocket Monsters, and the fantastic spelling involved in Jump-Jupm Chess. I get WHY this person sent it to me (because I love Engrish and Pokemon), but WHO are they? Was it a random eBay gift?

A bit of Googling suggests that it was THIS actual Jump-Jupm Chess that I got sent: It has the same sticker on it. And according to that person's eBay feedback, someone with the username of irfon bought a Jump-Jupm Chess & got given feedback on 25th August... (Worrying how easy it is to get around eBay's "anonymous user IDs" on the bidding page). I know someone called Irfon, but I've never seen him use that as a username.

It's just the whole mystery of having a parcel sent sea/surface mail and it taking 6 weeks to arrive, without being contacted by the sender to say "hey, I've sent you something random". And it is very random! I have honestly spent all my spare time today asking people if they sent it to me, and I'm extremely amused. Hehe.

Also, I'm going to have to take it on the next Pokecharms meet and inflict it on everyone else.
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Crazy cute Japanese custom vehicles. I kinda want ALL OF THEM. I'm not even sure who the green character is, but I want him!

The side of the Pikachu car is here, in case you were wondering.
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Courtesy of Database from #pokecharms: Pokémon Menstrual Pad, Yours for Eight Bucks. The comments are particularly amusing... well, if you know about Pokemon, anyway.

In other news, I am rather behind with reading livejournal and hopelessly behind with posting to livejournal. I'm mostly okay, no need to worry - just still very jetlagged. Can't get to sleep at night then can't get up in the morning. Ugh. More content will exist here soon, really.
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This is what I've spent my evening doing: making the PINKEST, UGLIEST Pokemon team EVER.  I've taken all the pink Pokemon I don't care for - plus a lot more that are perfectly fine-looking in their normal form but go hideous when shiny.

If you can't be bothered to go to the forum and read my post, or it's taking forever to load because either 'Charms or Bulbapedia is lagged again, then look behind the cut-tag for the important part. Read more... )
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Weird sex: Giant squid do it deeper. Very awesome! If you like squids. Link possibly from [ profile] mactavish.

Cute & funny Pokemon animation. Probably makes more sense if you are at least in passing familiar with the Pokemon games, but it's still good. Link from Alex at Pokecharms.

The Idle RPG. Amuses and disturbs me immensely. Link from [ profile] hoopycat.

Alarming surreal art! Features copious numbers of tentacles, as well as people merged with animals in bizarre ways. I think image 4 is my favourite. Link from [ profile] slightlyfoxed via [ profile] booklectic's journal.

Robots made from fonts. Very cool if you are a font geek. Link from [ profile] j00j.
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Remember the YouTube video of a hungry cat resorting to increasingly desperate measures to wake its sleeping owner? It has a sequel: Let Me In!. A hungry cat resorts to increasingly desperate measures to get indoors. Linked by [ profile] micheinnz.

Ridiculously cute video of a rat riding on a cat riding on a dog, linked by [ profile] rbowspryte. Unfortunately this video's sponsored by some sort of cult so stop it after 1 minute & 10 seconds, or risk seeing their horrible advert. There are lots of videos of these animals on YouTube, but this one was the best quality, which is why I'm linking to it despite the cultishness. Apparently his name is Gregory Pike and he lives on State Street in downtown Santa Barbara. Mini documentary.

Alt Text: Episode 1. Lore Sjöberg of Wired (and formerly Brunching Shuttlecocks) reviews Link's weapons. Absolutely hilarious for all Zelda fans. Linked by [ profile] j00j.

AM NOW DEAD OF CUTE! Hare Hare Yukai Dance ... with Pikachu, Plusle & Minun. Linked by [ profile] maniackatie on Pokecharms.

Ulli's Roy Orbison In Clingfilm Website, linked by [ profile] mactavish. Stories about Roy Orbison wrapped in clingfilm. All technically work-safe but none brain-safe! I can't work out whether this has been written by a genuine fetishist, or if it's a spoof. Or perhaps some mixture of the two. Roy in Clingfilm at Christmas completely broke my brain.

Blasphemy, linked by [ profile] epi_lj. Very funny.

The comic book geeks on my list will enjoy Rampant Plagiarism, linked by [ profile] j00j. (Which modern comic is "Yorick, The Last Man On Earth" based on? Sounds like the kind of thing I'd like to read.)

If everyone were poly, what would people write pop songs about? by [ profile] hfcougar, linked by [ profile] wispfox.
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I was hoping that I'd have acquired some more spoons by now. Hrm.

Today I have been attempting to play Pokemon Emerald, which is odd as there was a major change in how moves work between the 3rd & 4th Generation of Pokemon games, and my brain is half-full of 4th Gen stuff which won't work on an older game. Am stuck because my current team isn't good enough to beat Norman (the 5th Gym Leader and also the dad of my character (!)), and I can't remember where to go to level them up. Have also been excessively sleepy and quite snotty/itchy-eyed/irritable. Blargh. Also, my left shoulder hurts for no apparent reason.

I officially have Too Many tabs open in my browser, and I really need to clear some of them out. Expect a serious/thought-provoking link dump imminently.

Edit: Real content exists here. All technology hates me today - details! & 1000 pieces of malware, hanging on the wall
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I have been annoyed with Pokemon for a couple of weeks now. (I didn't write about it at the time because it happened at the same time as the Burma stuff, and I... felt like I'd be the biggest hypocrite on Earth if I'd spent time getting sympathy about ooh, a problem in my video game when there was such awful stuff happening in the world.) This is because I dragged myself through Pokemon Ranger, which was a rather tedious game, to get the Manaphy egg. The time on my saved game was a little over 10 hours, but that didn't include all the times I messed up a capture and quit without saving - so it was probably closer to 15 hours. Got the egg, transferred it to my Pearl cartridge, saved both games - and the egg disappeared! I think it was because my Ranger is a US cartridge and my Pearl is European, but this is honestly the first time I've run into any kind of region locking on a Game Boy Advance or Nintendo DS game, and I am not impressed!

It might just have been a random occurrence not to do with anything - maybe I needed to save the Pearl game again or play it for a while before shutting it down, but in the meantime I've been too pissed off to want to play Pokemon. So all my efforts have been going into Sims 2, although I still don't have any brain for creative stuff. Instead, I have been installing downloads and updating hacks - and trying to clear space off my hard drive by deleting some of my more compulsive backups. I managed to delete all my backups older than November 2006 from all three drives. Now I only have the CDs *lol*. I also deleted all my Sims 1 stuff off the file server downstairs, except for the things I'd made myself, and freed up over 4 GB of space!

My paranoid backup system was, however, justified over the weekend: when someone else suffered a catastrophic hard drive failure and lost everything - including a 1.52GB shared Neighbourhood made by someone who has since died in real life (genuinely!). As I am a Compulsive Hoarder (TM), I still had the original file, and was able to extract the useful parts, rezip it, and upload it to my Sims 2 site. I spent around 7 hours working on the thing plus another 10 hours of computer time uploading (without me needing to watch it), but it was worth it to make someone happy. I mean, I wasn't feeling well yesterday & was planning to spend the day fiddling with Sims stuff anyway.

Today, I went to a shop that exchanges games for other games or cash, and traded in my US copy of Pokemon Ranger for a European edition. I was worried that I'd get a save game with the Manaphy egg already extracted, but the guy whose save game I have is right at the end, so it'll only take me an hour & a half or so to get the egg again, rather than 10+ hours if I had to start from scratch! That is definitely A Good Thing.

I note that I still need to acquire enough spoons to finish writing about the situation in Burma :/ I knew there was a reason I have a livejournal rather than a blog :/ No one cares if I don't update this thing, as long as you know I'm still alive, whereas people expect blogs to get updated.
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Work for money is starting again - I have 4, or possibly 5, students continuing from last year, and 1 new one (so far). This is quite a nice number to ease back into. I enjoy my job and - as long as I'm careful about numbers of students & where I work - it gives me energy rather than sapping it. I seem to "need" a certain amount of chemistry in my life in order to be happy.

I'm trying to adjust my diet so that I'm eating around 2000 kcal a day rather than a scary higher amount. I've made some discoveries about portion sizes and what my stomach can bear for me to eat first thing in the morning, but am still going through the stage of being insanely, ravenously hungry every so often. It's just as well that medication & medical issues have prevented me from ever doing one of those 24 hour sponsored famine things, as I get ridiculously irritable and bad-tempered when hungry, as well as unable to focus on anything except my empty belly. Hmm.

Should write about the Brussels trip sometime, but have been spending the feeble amount of time I've had online lately Pokemon-geeking. I'm trying to decide on my final team of 6 before the last part of the game, and have been checking movesets & stuff. Richard has been playing Wii Play and Zelda: Twilight Princess, which is fine except I have to keep looking stuff up for him in faqs :)


Aug. 21st, 2007 11:32 pm
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AARRGHH!! I'm such an idiot!

There's this 'event' going on in the UK at the moment where you can finally download the rare Pokemon Mew onto a Game Boy Advance cartridge. You have to visit a random Toys'R'Us somewhere in the country with... a Game Boy Advance (not DS) and the cartridge/s. (Personally, I have Sapphire, Ruby, Fire Red, Leaf Green and Emerald, so I hope I'll get 5 Mews.)

Because I am a moron and this information dropped out of my head, the times when it's near me (Reading, Croydon & Brent Cross) are this weekend from Friday-Sunday - when I will be in Brussels.

Because I'm not just a moron but also disorganised, I just found out that it was in Cardiff last Saturday - 20 minutes by train from where I was staying for BiCon! AAAAARRRRGHHH!!!

Now I have to find out where the hell the Toys'R'Us in Oxford is, and whether getting there on Thursday is practical, considering I have work in New Malden at 5pm.
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We had a massive electrical storm and now my net connection is deader than the dodo. As I'd been planning to play my Japanese Pokemon Diamond today and use the net connection to look up words I didn't know, this has thrown a spanner into the works. So, as I'm sitting here with a text file open that contains the Japanese and English Pokemon names, I've decided to write a post mocking the stupid new names (and praising the ones that actually work).

Read more... )
Finally, consider yourself warned that in 3 hours of boredom while my net connection was down, I managed to write 2609 words of utter drivel about Pokemon. Imagine what my brain could do to the world if only I had the motivation! ;)
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I am currently oscillating between fannish squeeing glee at the toys of the new Pokemon, and omg wtf bbq they didn't? at the new English names.

ヒコザル Hikozaru has become Chimchar - which to me sounds nothing like a monkey with its arse on fire and a lot like a chimp in the PG Tips advert holding a cup of tea, while my beloved ナエトル Naetoru (Naetle) has become... Turtwig?! That sounds like a failed name for an owl or professor in Harry Potter, It is not a dignified name for the most awesome Grass-type starter of them all. In fact, it is bloody stupid.

I am going to take a leaf out of my friend [ profile] stellarwind's book and refuse to use the English names I don't like, and piss off all the young Pokemon kiddies who don't know the Japanese names. Ha!

For Ludy: Bunny Pokemon. Possibly called Buneary. Can't decide if I like that name yet. <--- I WANT THIS SET
Naetle! Reminds me of dino.
Happiest Oddish EVAR!
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I have Teh Snot. For days I thought it was "just" allergies, but last night it abruptly turned into a fully-fledged cold-like thing, with violent coughing and sneezing. I've cancelled my students today in the hope that staying in bed will sort me out, because tomorrow we're supposed to be starting Phase 2 of The Floor Project. Bah.

I've mostly not been here because I've been playing my imported Pokemon Diamond and Learning Japanese The Pokemon Way (I have a half-finished post about that to make, actually). But now I'm mostly not here because I'm attempting to finish some number of the half-finished Sims stories I have lying around the place. I've had Open For Business for three weeks, maybe four, and I haven't even installed it yet!

Saw the World's Worst Cyclist yesterday. He was riding on the wrong side of the road, in the dark, without lights, a helmet or any kind of visibility clothing, weaving around and wobbling because he was busy typing a text message into his mobile phone. Uhuh. Idiot.

Managed to worry people the other night when I disappeared from irc saying "it's become the time of night when Richard & I yell at each other", and I wanted to write about how this is entirely normal and nothing to worry about. But my brain isn't doing coherent, so back to the Sims with me. I'll talk to you later :)


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